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Why so much love for Rugby? The stupid patches and obnoxios rugby/skull and cross bones stuff kills the brand. This is the same reason why people dislike G-Star but I guess Rugby is getting a pass because it is Polo?
Measurements posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by long_knives Measurements please. No problem, will post measurements this evening.
I am slightly new to selvedge denim, mainly bought overpriced G-Star in the past. Anyway, I have a couple pair of selvedge Helmut Lang. The inseam is way too long for me to stack. I like my jeans dark with slight fade and creases and rarely wash them, only dry clean on occassion. Is it acceptable to just get the jeans hemmed to desired lenghth? Is there anything I should request the tailor to do in the alteration process since these are selvedge? Thanks for the help!
Great experience with dave ftw. Item was exactly as described and shipped extremely quick.
PM sent for the 8.5UK/9.5US
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer Im actually a bit surprised by your fit comments I have a Grenson Desert boot in 8F, wear US 8.5 in most US shoes, and it fits me great. heel super snug. there is perhaps an inch and a quarter of space past my toes, but that's b/c there is an elongated toe. if my feet were any longer they would be scrunched in the small toe box I also have the black Grenson perforated cap toe oxfords in UK 8F and those...
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer or in the thread he started last night So, I am not allowed to post on both sides? I have seen others list on both sides and I think it is fair to say some items cover both.
Quote: Originally Posted by hboogz You're probably better off posting this in Mens Clothing.. I posted over there as well, thanks!
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