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Very good condition. Please see photos. Shoe trees not included. Send me a note if you have any questions. Tagged as 11.5 B but I am an 11 B and they fit me well. Great shoes, but I recently purchased a similar pair of Edward Greens and need to pay the bills! $139. Please add $12 for shipping CONUS. $49 international. AHS
My wife doesn't understand the obsession... but she tolerates it. And for that I am grateful. It does help to have the shoe purchases sent to my work AHS
Here's one of my EGs - Harrogate, obtained from Leffot in NYC. Those are beautiful. Congratulations. AHS
To complement my collection of vintage EGs -- as posted the other week -- I splurged on Friday and purchased two new pairs on sale. Weymouth in Coffee Suede. 202 Last Falkirk in Midnight and Dark Oak Antique. 82 Last Thank you, Bryan at Leather Soul, for the excellent customer service. AHS
Nice haul ^ !And I agree about Kirby. He's the best.I've called him once or twice and sent a few emails asking for guidance. Kirby has always been incredibly responsive and gracious.AHS
PM sent re measurements. AHS
Hello gentlemen, New Alden Tan Monks US 10.5 D Plaza Last Sorry... no box or bags $299 include priority mail shipping CONUS. PM for international shipping costs. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! AHS Payment pending on these....
Let me know what you have. New or excellent condition only. Thanks! AHS
I promise this will be my final posting, for now, of this series. (And thank you for indulging me!) I picked up a couple other pairs that I can post at a later date.I conclude with a pair of wholecut EGs, made for Paul Stuart on the 201 last. I understand this to be a variation of the 202.I pulled up my pants -- and 2" cuffs once again -- to provide a better view. I think these are really lovely... The patina just doesn't come through my iphone camera.AHS
Today's offering -- and I promise to end this Wednesday! -- is a vintage pair of EGs for Carroll & Co. My size (11 B), and once again on the 202 last. I believe these are all the Malvern model?Gave them a quick cleaning, but will do a more thorough job before spring arrives.AHS
New Posts  All Forums: