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My good luck this week continues... AHS
http://www.kentwang.com/ties/tie-clip-silver.html Purchased it directly from KW about a year or so ago and just don't really wear it anymore. Could use a polishing. $25 includes shipping CONUS. AHS
Here are some quick photos from last night's run. Wasn't familiar with Schiatti... But it is 100% cashmere and Made in Italy. Sorry. All N/A. AHS
Thanks. Feeling very fortunate and grateful at this moment.I also found a cashmere w/ leather trim jacket by schiatti. (Must have been the same donor.) I'd never heard of schiatti before but it seems to sell for a lot of $$ to someone. Will post pics tomorrow, as well.AHS
Second cashmere Kiton I found in three days. Even more impressive is that I took yesterday off. Got a few of the guy's shirts as well (2 Brioni, 1 Kiton). Photos tomorrow. Sorry N/A. AHS
Quick evening thrift run starting off right. Really nice linen / wool light green LB. AHS
Not shell... But still very nice. AHS
Hi. Selling two $100 j crew gift cards for $160 plus free shipping first class with tracking. Thanks, AHS
@davidVC is a SF member -- although he doesn't post often -- and is an amazing resource on vintage Florsheims and other shoes (Bostonians, Hanovers, Nettletons, etc...) from that era. His weekly blog at vcleat.com is great.AHS
New Posts  All Forums: