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Wearing my black calf Marlows today. Will treat them to a little saphir later in the afternoon. AHS
And this is the Havana Blue Check soft tweed sportcoat from the outlet sale. AHS
Nope... this one. Pretty sure it is 100% cotton.AHS
Picked up a Havana blue check tweed sportcoat and a Havana blue stripe cotton suit from the outlet sale. I'm really pleased with the quality, construction, material, etc... My tailor -- not a very effusive man -- was impressed, as well. AHS
This is great. A really amazing cause and a nice way to show how much I appreciate styleforum and the wisdom and photos all have you have shared over the year.I'll pledge $50 and go to the website link you provided. (Nice also that it is 100% tax deductible.)Happy holidays everyone. Have a good and safe new year.AHS
That's a fine looking wallet. $110
Fantastic. Looking forward to this. AHS
This is an amazing thread. My favorite on SF. Thanks for running it. AHS
Very expensive ($50) by thrift store standards. But I'm not going to pass up vintage EGs in really nice condition. AHS
Slightly better photos. Great condition. Kind of a loden green color, I guess? AHS
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