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Found two nice RLPL linen long sleeve shirts. Size L. Anyone want them? (At cost plus shipping.) Let me know asap.... They were a bit pricey at $14 per. But I couldn't leave them behind. Blue / white check and a (more muted than my photo) light green / white check. AHS
Gentlemen... What do you think about the Robert last: fit and looks? I have tried Simpson (too narrow) and Rain (too wide -- at least in the heel). The images on the Armoury site look a bit blobby (if that is the right word?) to me. Looks better on the skoak website... But it is still hard for me to tell. AHS
I love seeing T&A tailored clothing. I think it goes back to walking into their stores years ago on Jermyn St -- and on 57th street in NYC -- and feeling both thrilled and intimidated by my surroundings.And very wise move with the wife. My thrift finds are stored in my office. AHS
Was able to hit a bunch of places quickly today. Only one thing of note: Couple small stains - I guess to be expected when you find a canary yellow corduroy jacket. Will try the baby wipes method later... AHS
Slow weekend. Maybe not "brag-worthy", but here it is: The Prada is kind of cool. (At least too cool for me to pull off.) EZ is definitely worn. AHS
Great score! Size? AHS
Paul & Shark "Admiral's Collection" jacket?Not my style. But made in Italy and I thought I better not leave it behind. [[SPOILER]] AHS
Wanted to repost - with slightly better photos - the two pairs of Church's Burwoods from yesterday. Here they are after a first application of Saphir Reno and edge dressing. Now if only I had a country estate outside London... AHS
Old New Yorkers (like me) remember Chipp. AHS
Classic old school Church's. Might even fit me so I'm really going to enjoy working on these. AHS
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