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I usually pass on Sulka. Often old, dated, or in bad condition... But I wasn't leaving these behind. Two very thick cashmere sweaters. AHS
More vintage Florsheim shell longwings. AHS
Congrats! I know that's an older label, but the sportcoat looks very current. Fit looks great, too.AHS
Many in this thread already know about the "shell hunter's guide". Originally compiled by someone on askandy, this is an updated version on another site. Very helpful for buying shoes on eBay.http://fityn.com/official-shell-cordovan-shoes-model-numbers-guide/AHS
I did a little research after reading your post the other evening. It looks like Florsheim started offering shell in several different colors in 2014. I guess their return to the market (and to compete against Alden and AE?) didn't go very well.AHS
Will you let us know how these are? Quality, finishing, last, etc... It's interesting that Florsheim is selling shells again. (Say that three times fast!) Or maybe they stopped again if this is a close-out. I understand that Nettleton -- another great US shoemaker that went downhill -- is also making Horween shell cordovan shoes again.AHS
Oops - forgot about the awesomeness that is this thread. (X-post from the thrift thread.) AHS
Yes? (At least it's HANDMADE.) AHS
eBay. There's no shortage of listings in popular sizes. The harder part, of course, is finding pairs in very good + condition.About two months ago, I made a decision to start to sell off my other shoes and wear (almost exclusively) vintage Florsheims. (Spam alert -- I still have a pair of EGs and black calf Marlows for sale ) On one hand, it was a practical decision as I personally get a better fit and much more comfort from these older Florsheims than I have experienced...
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