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Maiden voyage this morning for the BBBF double monks I picked up right before Xmas. Color a bit more subdued in real life. AHS
These are great. IMO shell looks best when it develops an "uneven" (if that is the right word) patina.AHS
Looking much better after very generous applications of Lexol. But I'm still shocked by how dry these get. My Polo C&J ptbs don't have this issue. AHS
So much for a consensus! Thanks, all, for the suggestions. It's so odd... I've owned Alden, AE, and even vintage florsheim and hanover shells. Never experienced anything like like this before. AHS
Was there any general consensus on how to best treat the recent RL marlow models with dry shell? I've been applying saphir reno and their cordovan cream over the past couple months to my shortwings, but the problem still persists. AHS
Reduced from $698 to $418. And BB had a special this week - at least in the San Francisco stores - of an additional 30% off your purchase if you spend $300 or more.
I picked up a pair this afternoon. (Thanks again, ReppTiePrepster, for your advice and help with sizing.) With the discount I paid under $300.I plan to wear them (occasionally) with a suit But IMO these are casual shoes. And pretty great ones at that.AHS
Just delivered ebay purchase: Any assistance about when these might have been made by Church's would be appreciated. They are in really great shape, but I'm looking forward to giving them a little TLC. AHS
Amazing deals! Just won a ledbury gift card and a nwt drakes tie! AHS
Indeed. The auction has a really great range of items, including some SF favorites.I know all the $$ is going to a great cause -- but I am still hoping to pick up some of those Drakes ties at a low price. AHS
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