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Just placed my first order. Great prices and easy-to-use website. Good customer service, as well. (I had a question about fit so called them on the phone.) Purchased a shirt and a sportcoat. Not expecting a miracle on the sportcoat... but for only $99 it looks like a great value. AHS
Very helpful. Thanks.AHS
I don't know where I picked up my thicker dress socks. Maybe uniglo or muji? I'd be interested, as well, about some other good sources.My understanding / experience is that the older models of the shortwing, PTB, and loafer were branded as Polo (rather than Ralph Lauren) and that the shell was a warmer, lighter shade of brown. More recent models -- same design, last, etc.. but branded as Ralph Lauren -- were a darker shade of brown.I see a clear difference in shades...
This makes a lot of sense to me.MOSY, I wouldn't over think this. If your shoes are too small, then your feet will hurt. You'll wear them 3-4 times, in pain, hoping that they will suddenly conform to your feet. After that, they sit in your closet mocking you and begging you to sell them on the B&S thread. Finally, adding insult to injury, you spend the next month politely declining lowball offers from people like me Go up the 1/2 size. A slightly thicker sock should make...
It took a little bit of patience, but I was able to buy these at a really good price. Thankfully, the shoes are unworn and in much better shape than the box. AHS
Fantastic. I just picked up a deerbone on Friday. Plan to use it on my shells this week. I'll be lucky to get the results you did.AHS
FWIW, I wear a size 10 D in both the Marlow PTB and the Wingtip. (And I agree that the PTB provides a very slightly snugger fit than the wingtip.) I have somewhat narrow feet and I would typically wear a U.S. 10-1/2 in most shoes. I wear a 10 C in the Alden Barrie last. AHS
Totally agree with Smoothie1.Naskedsnake, what size are you looking for? Note that most people go down 1/2 size.AHS
Pardon the interruption... but it is August and I thought I would give us a quick break from all the beautiful shells on this thread. Just picked these up on eBay. Older pair of C&J spectators for Polo. AHS
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