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Old New Yorkers (like me) remember Chipp. AHS
Classic old school Church's. Might even fit me so I'm really going to enjoy working on these. AHS
Wow. Looking forward to photos. That must be the first Steed appearance on this thread.AHS
+1 on a moment of indulgent spamming. .. but I use @Brianpore / Tailored Consignment, as well. Here is a great photo IMO of the Schiatti Co. cashmere jacket I found the other week.I don't always post my thrift finds because I take such lousy pictures on my iphone. I really admire the photography skills of so many of the regular posters on this thread.AHS
Nice haul... No wonder I found nothing this past week.AHS
That's so awesome... Crockett & Jones made and continues to make the Marlow for RL. When the Marlow line started they were branded as Polo shoes. (Like your's with the pony player). For the past several years they were rebranded as "RALPH LAUREN" (all caps - no pony). Some have complained that the batches of shell in recent years are more prone to dryness and are also a darker, more brown color.Are they your size? If not, someone on eBay or SF is going to be very happy. AHS
Congratulations. The Polo branded Marlows are even more sought-out than the more recent RL branded pairs. Just fantastic shoes...AHS
What Mainy said. AHS
Great condition in spite of their age. AHS
Two brag-worthy items today. Sorry N/A. Suit Sportcoat AHS
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