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Sounds as if he was a true gentleman, warrior, and family man. More importantly, what size was D.L. Yorke?AHS
Refusing to spoil. This may be my most favorite thing ever posted on this thread.AHS
Sorry, @ChetB. It's a small - size 2 - and I'm holding on to it for at least a little while. Even if I'm not cool enough to wear it.AHS
It has been a very slow few weeks for me. But found some things at lunchtime. This was the highlight. AHS
Last week I ordered a Drake's cotton charcoal tie. Great sale price even before the extra 15% kicker. Received it this afternoon and couldn't be happier. Great tie... packaged beautifully... and it included a nice, friendly note from Kyle. What more could a customer ask for? AHS
Ha! I immediately sent David / @vcleat an email when I found these on eBay at a great price. Looks like they are from 1991. 97626 model. Seems pretty identical to the 93605 save the double row of nails on the heel.A few more quick shots. Sorry that my iPhone camera doesn't do these any justice.AHS
Vintage Florsheim Royal Imperials. Really great condition - especially considering their age. AHS
FWIW, I used to go to Franz but stopped about two years ago. Just too expensive.Since then I've been going to Roberto's Tailor shop located above Cable Car Clothes. Very reasonable prices and turnaround time. I try to work directly with the owner (Roberto, I assume), even though he's kind of a grump. I've been very happy with them.
Limited time to thrift over the weekend and the results were not impressive. Still... a few decent things: AHS
Yes - wrote that above the photos. Both linen.AHS
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