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Love returning home to NYC. All them tall buildings... Fast-talking people... And Brioni in the thrift stores! AHS
Looking forward to bringing these home for a little TLC. AHS
I actually use the 60% discount as my benchmark. Being active on SF has been an expensive proposition -- but it has made me relentless in looking for cheap deals and (always) the lowest possible price.AHS
Retail on these is $895. A bit high IMO if you consider that that the shell model is only $100 more if you buy directly from RL.I paid approx $485 on ebay with no shipping or taxes. I would have preferred, of course, to pay less... but they were new in the box and I am very pleased with them.AHS
Marlows in black calf. Maiden voyage this morning. Debated whether I "needed" black shoes... but then found this pair at a good price. They should be a nice addition to my C&J/RL family. AHS
Agreed. And if you really want to spoil your shoes, check out the hanger project. Kirby is a SF member and has lots of amazing items for sale. The website also contains info on how to care for them. Enjoy!AHS
If I may... Here's my experience looking for the wingtips in relatively good shape and then buying a NIB pair.A brand new pair from RL will cost nearly $1,000. On eBay I found a new pair (with some shop wear) for approx $585. I've seen pretty worn pairs going for $300 - $350 and good to very good condition around $400 - $500.Hope that is helpful.AHS
I wish C&J did a longwing for RL.Another day, another bus..I love these shoes. I've instructed my wife that I want to be buried in them.AHS
My PTBs are taking the bus today. AHS
I love this thread. Basically it's photos of the same 3 or 4 models shown over and over (and over!) interspersed with a question about sizing 1/2 size down. But I'm hooked! I'm addicted to looking at everyone's photos and talking about this line. I can easily spend an hour going through old postings. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: