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Those are really nice. Sorry they didn't fit you.Is the Detroit last too wide for you?
Absolutely stunning...Congratulations, Watchman1!AHS
Very nice pair of Edward Green Unlined Suede Loafers Slippers. I just picked these up on eBay. They are marked as a size 10. This would typically translate to a US 10.5. But I am a US 10.5 -- sometimes even a narrow 11 -- and they are (unfortunately) just too small on me. Perhaps they were intended for the US market and they are a US 10? Color is a little darker and more vibrant in real life. Sorry for my awful iphone photos. Could use a good cleaning / brushing /...
Here is a nice photo, taken by SF member Brianpore, of the shoes. He sold them for me on ebay.In addition to sunbathing them, I also gave them some nifty red vibram soles.AHS
Help Needed!! Would a C width on an older pair of EGs on the 202 last be the equivalent of a US B or C width? I haven't worn a 202 in a while, but I believe it is wider in the toebox that other EG lasts? Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. AHS
I didn't. I should have.. but I didn't. The Florsheims were a 1/2 size too small so I ended up selling them on ebay.On an unrelated note, I used Venetian Shoe Cream for the first time yesterday. Great stuff! Better, IMO, than the saphir I have used in the past.AHS
Excuse me for pulling up an old post... but does anyone else do this with their shells? Last summer I left a pair of vintage Florsheims out in the sun for almost a month. They developed a really vibrant, almost cherry, color.AHS
Watchman1, those are just beautiful. Congratulations! My office smells like vintage Florsheim shell and saphir products Much work to be done on these.... AHS
^ Perfect. And digging the socks, as well! AHS
These are great! I've become obsessed lately with vintage shell shoes. Amazing patinas can develop over 30+ years.AHS
New Posts  All Forums: