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@davidVC is a SF member -- although he doesn't post often -- and is an amazing resource on vintage Florsheims and other shoes (Bostonians, Hanovers, Nettletons, etc...) from that era. His weekly blog at vcleat.com is great.AHS
Here's the Kiton sportcoat, found today at goodwill. Bit wrinkled but perfect condition... Which begs the question we keep asking each other: who donates this stuff? Sorry N/A. AHS
Can't upload photos either. (And I have a Kiton 100% cashmere sportcoat to show off to you all!) AHS
Two SF affiliate vendors you don't expect to find thrifting. Long sleeve polos. Sorry... N/A for now. AHS
Thanks. You're right... No harm done with a little bragging.But I know that I turn into this thread to see a little Kiton, Brioni, BC, Savile Row, etc... and the occasional cool oddity. AHS
Quick run today. Maybe not "brag worthy" but still... RLBL suit. J Crew suit. Shipley and Halmos blazer. SF monkstraps that could use some love. Sorry - everything is N/A. AHS
Ha.. Fair enough... I'm just hoping / looking for a little push before I splurge on the tie. I've seen Drakes grenadines in person but haven't had the good fortune (yet!) to own a Hober tie.AHS
Gents, help needed! Drakes or Hober if I want a black grenadine fina tie? AHS
Quick two stops at lunch = two suits. The Brioni is a bit ragged but the Polo / Corneliani is really great. Any idea how best to remove tailor's chalk marks from the Brioni? Damp towel? AHS
Really nice (but older) Isaia and brioni shirt. AHS
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