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Wife is taping the debate so I might as well thrift... Alden and AE shell. AHS
Mostly fodder today... but two highlights: Current Z Zegna suit and a Polo hunting coat. AHS
Alden for BB shell loafers (that need brushing) and a cool blue velvet Polo / Corneliani. AHS
In NYC today. 48 minty charvet ties. A bit pricey @ $14 each after negotiations.... But impossible to pass up. Sorry N/A. Kept two and the rest going to @Brianpore. AHS
First pair of Aldens I've found in a while... I used to pick them up regularly - it helps that we have an Alden shop in San Francisco, as well as a Brooks Brothers. But I think there are more of us out there combing the aisles and shoe racks than there were 5 years ago. Snuff suede LHS. They could use a cleaning. My size, so N/A. AHS
This is from an addictive blog written by @davidVC, a member of this forum:
Thanks, smfdoc! My modest collection of vintage Florsheims includes a shell PTB (93606), shell longwing (93605), the 93602 brown lonwings with the new red vibram sole, and a pair of 96624 black calf longwings. I've been very patient and disciplined to wait for pairs: (1) in my unusal size and (2) that were in very good / excellent condition.And, yes, will definitely keep an eye out for anything desirable in an 11 EEE.AHS
Florsheim 93605 this morning. AHS PS - I'm always on the lookout for vintage Florsheims, Hanovers, Nettletons, etc... in 11 C. Don't be shy about PM'ing me if you see a pair for sale.
I'm not certain, but I believe he removed the bottom half of the original double sole and then applied the vibram sole. The thickness of the sole is now about the same as it was previousAnd thanks, smfdoc, for creating this thread! I somehow missed it earlier this summer. Looking forward to more great photos and information. (And to contributing regularly.)AHS
Took a pair of Florsheim 93602 longwings to the cobbler on Monday. Asked him to put on a red vibram sole. And then I got a smoothie. AHS
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