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Congrats. Being a dad is the best.AHS
These look much better than the same model I wore yesterday.For those who have the black shell longwings... What do you usually wear them with?AHS
I just love these. Leffot?AHS
Just picked up these black shell longwings on eBay. Not sure I like them. On the positive side, my socks match the carpeting in my office. AHS
Any news / updates on when we can expect the next Alden pre-order? What does Mike have up his sleeve for the next round? I need some shell longwings!
Thursday. At work. AHS
Beatlegeuse and mdubs, thanks.AHS
Mike (mdubs), your collection is outstanding. I am truly in awe. Did I read in one of your postings that you take a 10 B in the barrie last? I ask because i wear a 10 A/ C in barrie, and have found that many retailers (leffot, leather soul, etc...) only offer D widths on their longwings, boots, chukkas, etc... I am nervous about purchasing 10 B / D when 10 A / C is a better fit. Can you or anyone here offer advice on how to get some new Aldens on my damn narrow feet? AHS
Tuesday. At work. Whiskey shell longwings. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: