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Limited time to thrift over the weekend and the results were not impressive. Still... a few decent things: AHS
Yes - wrote that above the photos. Both linen.AHS
Found two nice RLPL linen long sleeve shirts. Size L. Anyone want them? (At cost plus shipping.) Let me know asap.... They were a bit pricey at $14 per. But I couldn't leave them behind. Blue / white check and a (more muted than my photo) light green / white check. AHS
Gentlemen... What do you think about the Robert last: fit and looks? I have tried Simpson (too narrow) and Rain (too wide -- at least in the heel). The images on the Armoury site look a bit blobby (if that is the right word?) to me. Looks better on the skoak website... But it is still hard for me to tell. AHS
I love seeing T&A tailored clothing. I think it goes back to walking into their stores years ago on Jermyn St -- and on 57th street in NYC -- and feeling both thrilled and intimidated by my surroundings.And very wise move with the wife. My thrift finds are stored in my office. AHS
Was able to hit a bunch of places quickly today. Only one thing of note: Couple small stains - I guess to be expected when you find a canary yellow corduroy jacket. Will try the baby wipes method later... AHS
Slow weekend. Maybe not "brag-worthy", but here it is: The Prada is kind of cool. (At least too cool for me to pull off.) EZ is definitely worn. AHS
Great score! Size? AHS
Paul & Shark "Admiral's Collection" jacket?Not my style. But made in Italy and I thought I better not leave it behind. [[SPOILER]] AHS
Wanted to repost - with slightly better photos - the two pairs of Church's Burwoods from yesterday. Here they are after a first application of Saphir Reno and edge dressing. Now if only I had a country estate outside London... AHS
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