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Hi all, I am thinning the herd and selling a bunch of ties. Ebay links...
Gentlemen, Advice needed... I purchased these light shell Rain last 922s last year from a wonderful fellow on SF. The shoes are fantastic, but I don't wear them because I notice a gap at the back of the shoes at the ankle opening. Otherwise... they fit me well. (Sorry for the lousy photos, but they should give you a general idea.) Am I being too OCD about this? My local cobbler suggested that he could insert a strip of leather in the back of each shoe that would fill...
It's a Marlow Monday. You'll note that the left shoe has lightened considerably. AHS
Some of us wouldn't care about the spot... Some of us (me included) would.It obviously bothers you, so you should return them.AHS
Quick questions... What do you all think about Carmina's Simpson last? Can a shoe be too sleek? AHS
Those are really nice. Sorry they didn't fit you.Is the Detroit last too wide for you?
Absolutely stunning...Congratulations, Watchman1!AHS
Very nice pair of Edward Green Unlined Suede Loafers Slippers. I just picked these up on eBay. They are marked as a size 10. This would typically translate to a US 10.5. But I am a US 10.5 -- sometimes even a narrow 11 -- and they are (unfortunately) just too small on me. Perhaps they were intended for the US market and they are a US 10? Color is a little darker and more vibrant in real life. Sorry for my awful iphone photos. Could use a good cleaning / brushing /...
Here is a nice photo, taken by SF member Brianpore, of the shoes. He sold them for me on ebay.In addition to sunbathing them, I also gave them some nifty red vibram soles.AHS
Help Needed!! Would a C width on an older pair of EGs on the 202 last be the equivalent of a US B or C width? I haven't worn a 202 in a while, but I believe it is wider in the toebox that other EG lasts? Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: