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Sorry for dupe listing
Thanks, Mr. Moo. That's the one.AHS
Sorry for the quick photos, but I am out in the field. Anyone know what this is? Thanks, AHS
I'll have to breathe in, but it just might work.
Is this an ascot? A scarf? Whatever it is... it is nice. AHS
Thanks. And thank you for the suggestion re chili edge dressing. Will pick some up on my way home.AHS
RL may not put them on sale anymore, but new and "gently used" pairs show up on ebay for $400 - $600. AHS
I prefer shell cordovan because of how the patina develops - both quickly and over long periods of time. Purchased a pair of vintage Florsheim longwings on eBay the other day. Here is a before photo coupled with one 24 hours later. My office smells like Lexol and VSC again! AHS
Marlow Black Calf Tuesday? AHS
New Posts  All Forums: