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Excellent. UK 9.5.Any hint as to the new models? AHS
Hi Jeff,Restock of the 762 or 80421.Are you planning any other new models on the Robert last?Thanks, AHS
Are you expecting to stock more Carmina models soon? Especially interested in the Robert last. AHS
My good luck continued as I ran out to pick up a sandwich and first stop at two places near my office. This is why I love thrifting in San Francisco. Stop # 1. Old school nice Oxxford suits. Stop # 2. About five blocks (and half-a-world) away: blazers from Vivienne Westwood, Shipley and Halmos (with tags), and Jean Paul Gaultier. Was so pleased with myself that I forgot to get lunch. AHS
Here's the tag on the Robert Talbott. It was right next to the Isaia on the rack. My heart jumped as I thought it might be a brioni. AHS
Had only about a half-hour to go thrifting this afternoon so I hit up to two local goodwills. Sorry, all N/A. Polo / Corneliani camel hair This made me happy. Might have passed on another day... but the design and fabric is really nice. AHS
I've been building up my collection / rotation of vintage Florsheims. Here are the highlights... 93605 #8 shell longwing. My favorite. 93606 #8 shell PTB 96624 black calf longwing. At the bottom of the rotation, but I had to have a pair of black longwings. 32601 #8 shell PTB. According to our resident scholar, David at, these are from 1958. 93631 golden harvest calf longwing. Check out the original box. 93230 #8 shell Yuma loafer. Paid more...
Only one find on my way home from work today. Sweet pair of C&J perf captoes. N/A as I'm keeping them. AHS
That is my understanding, as well.Once caveat, however, is that I have come across specific pairs that fit differently than others of the exact same model. Twice I purchased longwings in a size 11 C (my typical fit in vintage Florsheims) that felt narrower / smaller, like a 10.5 C or 11 B. One possibility is that they came out of the factory this way: the shoes were (mostly?) handmade and there could be some slight variation on any given pair. I guess another possibility...
Wearing my Florsheim 93606 PTBs on an overcast San Francisco morning. AHS
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