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US 11 C. 202 Last. Shoes are used, but wearable with many years of life left. Suede shows wear and small blemishes. Recently re-heeled. I also had one of the eyelets replaced and mended a few months ago. A great pair of shoes available at a fraction of the retail price ($1,200+) of current Edward Green shoes. Sorry for crappy iphone photos! Free shipping CONUS. Shoe trees not included, but let me know if you need them. I will throw them in for free. Thanks for...
Sold (pending payment).
Just received my khaki rivet chinos. Navy duck canvas suit to arrive this week. Great clothes and friendly, fantastic customer service. That's an awsome combination. I'm hooked. AHS
Purchased from Leather Soul Beverly Hills earlier this year. Original retail was $1,200+ although I got them on sale. 82 last. Really beautiful.... but I was fortunate enough to recently find another pair of EG spectators so just trying to recoup some of my $$. Please have a look at the condition (and excuse my awful iPhone photos!) I probably wore these 3 or 4 times. Will ship with original box, bags, and the EG shoetrees. Free shipping CONUS. $60 rest of the...
Fantastic Edward Green captoes for Paul Stuart. Rich dark brown patina. Uppers in great shape, soles show some wear. Please PM me with any questions. I plan to put them up on eBay on Thursday if they don't sell here. Priority mail shipping free CONUS. $49 rest of the world. Thanks, AHS
Anyone have a pair of the HY Chukka boots? I really want to pull the trigger AHS
Great Aldens. Great seller.
I am asking $499 (approx 60% off the original retail). Note that they are seconds, but I see no imperfections. As was posted by an esteemed member of SF, they might be seconds because of the bit of stitching visible on the sole near the heel. Please PM me with any questions. I plan to put them up on eBay this weekend if they don't sell here. JL box and bags included. Shipping is $15 CONUS via priority mail. $50 rest of the world. Thanks, AHS For additional info,...
Thank you!AHS
A disclaimer: I purchased these JL loafers on eBay from a seller who didn't know (or maybe care about?) their worth. I do a little selling here and on eBay to finance my own show purchases. But I know very little about John Lobb -- I am an EG man -- so would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Several questions.... 1) What model are these? 2) Is "cherry" the color? 3) What is the circled R stamp? (Are these seconds? Were they returned?) 4) Does a JL 9 E...
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