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Sold. Thanks!
Good condition, but could use a proper shining. Will shop with box and bags via priority mail. Please note that the simpson last runs narrow (B / C). Shipping is $15 CONUS via priority mail. $50 rest of the world. Please PM me with any questions. I plan to put them up on eBay this weekend if they don't sell here. Thanks, AHS
Hi all, Excuse my awful iPhone photos! These are amazing boots... I probably wore them 3 or 4 times. Will ship with original box and bags. Free shipping CONUS. $60 rest of the world. I plan to put these up on eBay this Thursday (at a higher asking price) if I don't sell them here in the next 48 hours. Thanks for looking, and please PM with any questions. AHS
Agreed. I have had a great experience working with Spoo. It is also a lot of fun to see the auctions underway. This weekend, I'll be sending him a box filled with goodies... including Brioni suits, BBBF shirts, and a great Turnbull & Asser suit!AHS
Just received my suede chukka boots. Ordered them late last Friday... and they arrived six days later in San Francisco. http://www.howardyount.com/collections/shoes/products/mahogany-suede-crepe-sole-chukka Beautiful boots. A steal at $199. AHS
[/quote]The other off the rack suiting option that we'll have is the grey merino cloth that matches up with these trousers. Slim Walt Trouser Grey Merino Wool Side-Tab: $195 We're about six weeks away on that.[/quote] Mike, any updates you can share? What are you planning for the jacket? Thanks, AHS
PSA alert. Ending soon on ebay is a pair of vintage, used EG (branded as Carroll & Co) kiltie loafers size 9.5 C. I wrote the seller and confirmed that they are on the 184 last. http://www.ebay.com/itm/380601452278?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 Please note that I am not affiliated with the seller and cannot vouch for him. Posting just in case someone has an interest in EGs for
This is embarrassing ... but I am getting kind of panicky that the site is still down. AHS
Aldens? Please specify. They are great.AHS
US 11 C. 202 Last. Shoes are used, but wearable with many years of life left. Suede shows wear and small blemishes. Recently re-heeled. I also had one of the eyelets replaced and mended a few months ago. A great pair of shoes available at a fraction of the retail price ($1,200+) of current Edward Green shoes. Sorry for crappy iphone photos! Free shipping CONUS. Shoe trees not included, but let me know if you need them. I will throw them in for free. Thanks for...
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