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The AE MacNeils in burgundy (#8). Hard to pick up any color on an overcast San Francisco morning. AHS
Thanks, Mdubs!In addition to the brown / cigar strands I picked up a pair of MacNeils, as well, in their #8. Really pleased with both pairs. The AE shell and construction may not be quite as good as the Aldens and C&J Lauren Marlows I've owned... but I really like the way the AEs look. And they seem to be a better fit for my strange, long, narrow feet. AHS
Thanks, Watchman1. I really appreciate your kind words.AHS
Allen Edmonds Strands: After years of wearing Alden, EG, C&J, etc.... I've always kind of looked down on AE. But I'm really digging these. AHS
C&J for Polo Marlow shell penny loafers. AHS
Thanks. I went up 1/2 size. I have narrow feet, and I am typically a US 10.5 C in most shoes. (10 C in the Alden Barrie last.)My first pair of Simpson last shoes were a 9.5 in calf but they were just too tight to be comfortable, even after approx 5-6 wears. (I have also worn Carminas in Forrest lasts, and while 9.5 is good for length I found them too wide in the toe box area.)This pair of Simpson shells are a size 10 and they feel great.Hope that is helpful.AHS
These arrived yesterday. Ruby shell on the Simpson last. Maiden voyage this morning -- shot in the San Francisco sunshine. They are a little bit more subdued indoors. AHS
Great shoes. Which last are these on?
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