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Thanks, gents. They cost me $25. The thrift store had put them out marked at $50 - probably because they were new - but were having a 1/2 price sale on everything. AHS
Two brag-worthy thrifts in the last two days: Cross post from the C&J Lauren shell thread. Marlow penny loafers with the warmer, lighter brown shell that distinguishes the older models vs the more recent C&J for RL. Unworn with a little bit of shop wear. Paid $25. And a very recent Isaia navy blue sportcoat. Unstructured, working cuffs, etc... Paid $16. Sorry for the crappy photos. AHS
Thanks all for the confirmation. Unfortunately, they are too big. But I have a very good consignor that will put them on eBay for me. PM coming your way. I just happen to be looking for a pair of wingtip Marlows to complement my PTBs!AHS
Just found these at a local thrift store. 99% sure they are shell Marlows but can anyone confirm? They are brand new, with some shop wear, making it a little hard to tell if they are shell or calf. Also, I almost always wear shell or suede shoes so I'm not the best person to judge new calf! Thanks AHS
C&J for Polo Marlow PTBs this morning. AHS
The AE MacNeils in burgundy (#8). Hard to pick up any color on an overcast San Francisco morning. AHS
Thanks, Mdubs!In addition to the brown / cigar strands I picked up a pair of MacNeils, as well, in their #8. Really pleased with both pairs. The AE shell and construction may not be quite as good as the Aldens and C&J Lauren Marlows I've owned... but I really like the way the AEs look. And they seem to be a better fit for my strange, long, narrow feet. AHS
Thanks, Watchman1. I really appreciate your kind words.AHS
Allen Edmonds Strands: After years of wearing Alden, EG, C&J, etc.... I've always kind of looked down on AE. But I'm really digging these. AHS
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