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Thanks. You're right... No harm done with a little bragging.But I know that I turn into this thread to see a little Kiton, Brioni, BC, Savile Row, etc... and the occasional cool oddity. AHS
Quick run today. Maybe not "brag worthy" but still... RLBL suit. J Crew suit. Shipley and Halmos blazer. SF monkstraps that could use some love. Sorry - everything is N/A. AHS
Ha.. Fair enough... I'm just hoping / looking for a little push before I splurge on the tie. I've seen Drakes grenadines in person but haven't had the good fortune (yet!) to own a Hober tie.AHS
Gents, help needed! Drakes or Hober if I want a black grenadine fina tie? AHS
Quick two stops at lunch = two suits. The Brioni is a bit ragged but the Polo / Corneliani is really great. Any idea how best to remove tailor's chalk marks from the Brioni? Damp towel? AHS
Really nice (but older) Isaia and brioni shirt. AHS
Highlights of an otherwise slow weekend. Crappy photos, but you'll get the gist of it. Brioni Suit Orphan Isaia. Small hole in back. Huge Burberry London. Often a pass, but a nice pattern on this one. Vintage Barrie Ltd shell shortwings. In need of a little love. Size worn off so not sure how to move these on to their next owner. Happy 4th, everyone. AHS
A nice follow-up to yesterday's batch of T&A contrast collar shirts. This must have been his tie collection. . Different SA store here in San Francisco. Five T&As and eleven Charvets. About $2.75 per. A few have tiny spots or a pull. Had to leave behind about another dozen because of stains. AHS
Ha! Yes, think you are right.AHS
You have to love the randomness of thrifting... Never know what you will find. 14 T&A shirts. All the same size. Most with contrast collars and bold colors. $5 a pop. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: