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That was a fun box to send. 46 minty charvets. I swear many of them were unworn. AHS
Florsheim 93631 Golden Harvest longwings from 1976. AHS
Some nice summer sportcoats. Three brands I didn't know: Nice Collective, Sand, and Daniele Alessandrini. Anyone familiar with them? AHS
Quick thrift run after work today. 4 sportcoats and 2 suits. HF is cashmere. The Prada suit was an easy pick-up at $14, but not so sure about the aquascutum. Nice suit... but probably not much for flipping? AHS
Wife is taping the debate so I might as well thrift... Alden and AE shell. AHS
Mostly fodder today... but two highlights: Current Z Zegna suit and a Polo hunting coat. AHS
Alden for BB shell loafers (that need brushing) and a cool blue velvet Polo / Corneliani. AHS
In NYC today. 48 minty charvet ties. A bit pricey @ $14 each after negotiations.... But impossible to pass up. Sorry N/A. Kept two and the rest going to @Brianpore. AHS
First pair of Aldens I've found in a while... I used to pick them up regularly - it helps that we have an Alden shop in San Francisco, as well as a Brooks Brothers. But I think there are more of us out there combing the aisles and shoe racks than there were 5 years ago. Snuff suede LHS. They could use a cleaning. My size, so N/A. AHS
This is from an addictive blog written by @davidVC, a member of this forum:http://vcleat.com/florsheim-model-numbers-1950s-90s/AHS
New Posts  All Forums: