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Hi all, I am looking to buy some Alden Shell Longwings (Barrie Last) in size 10 A / C. I already have a pair in whiskey, but would be interested in color #8, cigar, and / or ravello. Price negotiable depending on condition. I can send immediate paypal funds. Thanks! AHS
Received my khaki rivet chinos and (on sale!) grey check flannel walts. As always... I love the clothes and the customer service. I am planning to be in NYC next month. Can I be measured for the MTM program when I stop by the store?
Thanks. That is really helpful. I hate to jump on the "where is Jamison" bandwagon, but he hasn't responded to my two most recent emails. And I have purchased from him in the past.
Quick question. If I am a 33" in most offerings, should I order the 32 or 34" in HY pants?
Marlows sitting next to Alden Whiskey Shells. Crappy iphone photo. AHS
A beautiful morning in San Francisco. AHS
Pardon the interruption, but I wanted to share with you my new vintage C&Js for Polo. Thank you. I return the the thread back to cordovan Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren. On a more relevant note, I am looking for a pair of the shell Marlow PTBs in new / almost new condition size 10.5. Please help me avoid paying retail! AHS
Anyone taken the plunge? www.brooksbrothers.com/Own-Make-101-Chalk-Stripe-Hopsack-Suit/MK00341,default,pd.html?dwvar_MK00341_Color=CHAR&contentpos=4&cgid= AHS
Looks familiar.... but I can't place it. Thanks in advance. AHS
??? Thanks, AHS
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