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Had to wait a couple months for Alden SF to get these in my 10 c size. I was very happy to get a phone call from them over the weekend. AHS
That being said... You're right about a sleeker shoe. AHS
Thanks all for the feedback. In my defense, I took the photo at my tailor's. I had been wearing the shoes (a pair of C&J shell PTBs for polo) with another suit all day. Had just put on the new HY suit after he had made alterations.There is some minimal padding in the shoulders. A little more than I have worn in the past several years but nothing like a RL black label suit I used to own.I'll take a better photo next week. Maybe on the suit's maiden voyage. AHS
Out in the field... AHS
As a follow-up to the photo of the sportcoat.... Here is the gray herringbone flannel suit just back from my tailor. AHS
Thanks for the feedback - and sorry for not replying sooner.This is a size 38. Jamison does not have a size chart on the page of this particular model (http://www.howardyount.com/collections/jackets-suits/products/brown-wool-plaid-jacket), but I can report that the BOC length is approx 29.5".I was so pleased with the brown plaid jacket (and the suit) I purchased that I ordered -- and have already received -- the blue cashmere blazer...
A few people asked for fit photos. This is the brown plaid wool / cashmere made in Italy sportcoat. Thanks, AHS
Italian-made wool / cashmere suit and an Italian-made cashmere sportcoat. I'll post photos when everything is back from the tailors in a couple weeks.AHS
A quick update... I ordered from HY late last week and received an order confirmation right away. Jamison sent a shipping confirmation -- with tracking info -- on Monday. (Free two-day priority mail shipping across the county.) The suit and jacket arrived at my office in San Francisco today (Thursday).I'm really happy with both items and that he shipped them so quickly. So pleased, in fact, that I just ordered a cashmere blazer. AHS
I just ordered the grey herringbone suit and a cashmere brown plaid jacket. Both on sale and at great prices. I've purchased a few things from Jamison in the past and have always had very good experiences with the items, shipping, communication, etc... It's a shame that he doesn't participate in this thread and communicate better with potential customers. But I will continue to order from him - at least until I have a reason to stop. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: