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Here are some quick photos from last night's run. Wasn't familiar with Schiatti... But it is 100% cashmere and Made in Italy. Sorry. All N/A. AHS
Thanks. Feeling very fortunate and grateful at this moment.I also found a cashmere w/ leather trim jacket by schiatti. (Must have been the same donor.) I'd never heard of schiatti before but it seems to sell for a lot of $$ to someone. Will post pics tomorrow, as well.AHS
Second cashmere Kiton I found in three days. Even more impressive is that I took yesterday off. Got a few of the guy's shirts as well (2 Brioni, 1 Kiton). Photos tomorrow. Sorry N/A. AHS
Quick evening thrift run starting off right. Really nice linen / wool light green LB. AHS
Not shell... But still very nice. AHS
Hi. Selling two $100 j crew gift cards for $160 plus free shipping first class with tracking. Thanks, AHS
@davidVC is a SF member -- although he doesn't post often -- and is an amazing resource on vintage Florsheims and other shoes (Bostonians, Hanovers, Nettletons, etc...) from that era. His weekly blog at vcleat.com is great.AHS
Here's the Kiton sportcoat, found today at goodwill. Bit wrinkled but perfect condition... Which begs the question we keep asking each other: who donates this stuff? Sorry N/A. AHS
Can't upload photos either. (And I have a Kiton 100% cashmere sportcoat to show off to you all!) AHS
Two SF affiliate vendors you don't expect to find thrifting. Long sleeve polos. Sorry... N/A for now. AHS
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