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Happy thanksgiving, all. Black Friday thriftstyle off to a good start. AHS
I ordered the 950 brown suede Robert. Originally listed at $450, it appeared today in their outlet section at $338. The 20% discount brought it down to $270. Shipping was free, although I won't receive the belt, mousepad, or the trees.. AHS
I guess it was too good to be true. I ordered the Robert suede 950. Still very happy to get them at that price. Just hope they include the trees.AHS
Using the code I picked up a pair of suede captoes I wanted for $270! Their deal includes a matching belt, trees, free shipping, the mousepad, iPad cover... Seems too good to be true. AHS
House label? AHS
I love thrifting shoes, because you can find pairs that guys bring to goodwill after wearing once or twice. Suits can have piss stains... Pants altered... Ties can have food stains or runs... AHS
Slightly off-topic as this thread has concentrated on Florsheims, Hanovers, etc and other US-made shoes. But here is a pair of vintage Edward Greens for Brooks Brothers. Photographed right out of the box after I picked them up on eBay for $40 plus shipping. It will be fun to work on these. AHS
Quick run yielded two nice finds. AHS
Purchased these a couple weeks ago from the Armoury in New York. Here is their description: The 80105 oxford by Carmina sits on the chiseled and sleek Simpson Last. A favorite of Armoury clients worldwide, this semi-brogued captoe oxford has clean lines and is an ideal choice for suits and sport coats. The Simpson Last is Carmina's narrowest fitting last, characterized by a sharper, chiseled toe and a lower toe box. Asking $249 OBO and $18.45 for the shipping USPS...
Thanks again, Jeff. New ones working out very well. Carmina Simpson 80105 out on their maiden voyage.AHS
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