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Just delivered ebay purchase: Any assistance about when these might have been made by Church's would be appreciated. They are in really great shape, but I'm looking forward to giving them a little TLC. AHS
Amazing deals! Just won a ledbury gift card and a nwt drakes tie! AHS
Indeed. The auction has a really great range of items, including some SF favorites.I know all the $$ is going to a great cause -- but I am still hoping to pick up some of those Drakes ties at a low price. AHS
Thank you, ReppTiePrepster! That's incredibly helpful. I actually wear a 10 in the Marlows so just called my SA at the BB store here in San Francisco. He's holding a pair for me to try on Monday.Have a good holiday.AHS
Beautiful. May I ask how the fit is for you? Are they UK sized? Run big or small? Wide or narrow?I am very tempted to order them AHS
Thanks, gentlemen. This pair is from the earlier Polo line. I love the more recent RL models... but these are a really beautiful lighter color. AHS
These just arrived in the mail. Thanks, Namor. Quick iphone pic. AHS
That's awesome. I've already bid on a bunch of Drakes ties -- and those Ring Jacket suits from the Armoury are amazing. AHS
Stopped by the local Marshalls just in case they had some BBBF. No dice... But was surprised to find these. My size. Now I just have to decide if I will ever wear them. AHS
Nice! Love the Drakes ties! And I can use the "it's for a great cause" explanation with my wife BTW - what are the width / length on those Calabrese 1924 ties?AHS
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