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Agree 100%. San Fracisco is not the sunniest place ... so I occasionally leave my shells out in our backyard for the entire day. Hopes to speed up the lightening process a bit.AHS
Agreed... I think the effect comes from me leaning forward (to take the pic with my iPhone) and my pants pulled up. I kind of liked the way it made my shoes look like a pair of suede monsters.
Alden snuff longwings AHS
I love these. IMHO the best shoe in the galaxy!AHS
PM sent. Hope to hear from you ASAP (and before I buy a pair on eBay!) Thanks.
Hi. I would be interested in buying a new or slightly-used pair in a US 10. Price negotiable. Thanks! AHS
Interesting article today from PTO on caring for shell. Seems almost blasphemous to me to suggest anything but the mac method. http://putthison.com/ "How to Raise a Shine on Shell Cordovan Want to know a dirty secret? Shell cordovan – that durable and robust leather known for its luster – doesn’t stay shiny for long. It can look pretty dull after a year’s worth of wear, and afterwards, it’s hard to get that factory-fresh gleam again. Readers of online menswear...
Believe me... I know how lucky I am. Only thing that would have made me happier would have been finding a pair of the Polo or RL Marlow wingtips in a size 10.
Thanks, gents. They cost me $25. The thrift store had put them out marked at $50 - probably because they were new - but were having a 1/2 price sale on everything. AHS
Two brag-worthy thrifts in the last two days: Cross post from the C&J Lauren shell thread. Marlow penny loafers with the warmer, lighter brown shell that distinguishes the older models vs the more recent C&J for RL. Unworn with a little bit of shop wear. Paid $25. And a very recent Isaia navy blue sportcoat. Unstructured, working cuffs, etc... Paid $16. Sorry for the crappy photos. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: