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I love this thread. Basically it's photos of the same 3 or 4 models shown over and over (and over!) interspersed with a question about sizing 1/2 size down. But I'm hooked! I'm addicted to looking at everyone's photos and talking about this line. I can easily spend an hour going through old postings. AHS
These looks great.NAMOR, looking back to your initial post on this thread... whatever happened to some of those earlier models from C&J for Polo / RL? How come they stopped production? And I wonder if we can expect for anything new in the future?AHS
Just placed my first order. Great prices and easy-to-use website. Good customer service, as well. (I had a question about fit so called them on the phone.) Purchased a shirt and a sportcoat. Not expecting a miracle on the sportcoat... but for only $99 it looks like a great value. AHS
Very helpful. Thanks.AHS
I don't know where I picked up my thicker dress socks. Maybe uniglo or muji? I'd be interested, as well, about some other good sources.My understanding / experience is that the older models of the shortwing, PTB, and loafer were branded as Polo (rather than Ralph Lauren) and that the shell was a warmer, lighter shade of brown. More recent models -- same design, last, etc.. but branded as Ralph Lauren -- were a darker shade of brown.I see a clear difference in shades...
This makes a lot of sense to me.MOSY, I wouldn't over think this. If your shoes are too small, then your feet will hurt. You'll wear them 3-4 times, in pain, hoping that they will suddenly conform to your feet. After that, they sit in your closet mocking you and begging you to sell them on the B&S thread. Finally, adding insult to injury, you spend the next month politely declining lowball offers from people like me Go up the 1/2 size. A slightly thicker sock should make...
It took a little bit of patience, but I was able to buy these at a really good price. Thankfully, the shoes are unworn and in much better shape than the box. AHS
Fantastic. I just picked up a deerbone on Friday. Plan to use it on my shells this week. I'll be lucky to get the results you did.AHS
FWIW, I wear a size 10 D in both the Marlow PTB and the Wingtip. (And I agree that the PTB provides a very slightly snugger fit than the wingtip.) I have somewhat narrow feet and I would typically wear a U.S. 10-1/2 in most shoes. I wear a 10 C in the Alden Barrie last. AHS
Totally agree with Smoothie1.Naskedsnake, what size are you looking for? Note that most people go down 1/2 size.AHS
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