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That's awesome. I've already bid on a bunch of Drakes ties -- and those Ring Jacket suits from the Armoury are amazing. AHS
Stopped by the local Marshalls just in case they had some BBBF. No dice... But was surprised to find these. My size. Now I just have to decide if I will ever wear them. AHS
Nice! Love the Drakes ties! And I can use the "it's for a great cause" explanation with my wife BTW - what are the width / length on those Calabrese 1924 ties?AHS
Hi - and thanks in advance for the assistance. I am looking to purchase a couple of the polo line suits -- but will have to go online since the San Francisco store has never reopened. Anyone know if they will be part of any of the upcoming sales? AHS
The Hermes ties are awesome.The auction on behalf of Career Gear is going to be great. Such a good cause -- helping our less fortunate brothers get proper training and business appropriate clothes for job interviews -- and a nice mix of new stuff from SF vendors and excellent condition / gently-worn donated items (like that amazing Tom Ford!!)Brianpore, thanks for doing this. I'm looking forward to bidding -- and hopefully picking up a few ties!AHS
Congrats. Being a dad is the best.AHS
These look much better than the same model I wore yesterday.For those who have the black shell longwings... What do you usually wear them with?AHS
I just love these. Leffot?AHS
Just picked up these black shell longwings on eBay. Not sure I like them. On the positive side, my socks match the carpeting in my office. AHS
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