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I have this exact pair. Suede is beautiful and I love them. AHS
Who has purchased the cognac pebble grain boots? They look great.... http://www.howardyount.com/collections/shoes/products/cognac-pebble-grain-brogue-boots Thanks, AHS
I posted earlier this morning in the October thread that I was able to make it through the month. Thanks all for the support. It was helpful to have brothers across the world going though the same thing. AHS
Good luck to all of you who do this. Yesterday, I successfully completed last month's version and the experience was rewarding on many levels. Thank you, MoL and the others, for your support. Maybe I will see you in November? AHS
Two and a half days left..... And still holding strong. Last night I used saphir renovatuer (sp?) and cream polish on a pair of vintage Florsheim longwings. Full disclosure: I have a $20 birthday coupon from Brooks Brothers that is good for this month only. I plan to pick up a pair of socks or maybe a watchband. I believe that is acceptable as per our rules? AHS
Survived the weekend. Pretty sure I can make it for another week. AHS
Good news: September has only 30 days. (I'm looking forward to October.) AHS
Thanks for the feedback. Planning an exploratory visit to Spoon next week to talk prices, fabric, etc... Hoping to get a suit made next month. AHS
15 days (and counting...) and I am still in. But this has been much harder than I thought it would be. I am seriously experiening classic / typical signs of withdrawal. AHS
Indochino is coming to San Francisco next week and I was thinking about trying one of their suits. I've never done a suit MTO before, but I am guessing hat Indochino's quality isn't great and I suspect that I may be disappointed. So... I ask.... Is it worth to spend $300 or $400 more and use Spoon? Will the difference between the two be considerable? For point of reference, most of my suits have been Polo blue label, Brooks Brothers, and Brooks Brothers Black Fleece. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: