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Thanks for the comments. As for the cuffs.... 2"!Today’s EGs: another vintage pair for Paul Stuart on the 202 last. This time, in suede….More to come next week.AHS
Over the past couple months I've been hunting on eBay for classic and vintage -- or, if you prefer, used and cheap -- EGs to fit my narrow US 11 size and my limited budget. If anyone is interested I can post a few photos over the next week. Today, EG for Paul Stuart on the 202 last. A bit boring, but the leather and workmanship is outstanding. (And please excuse the crappy iphone camera.) AHS PS -- And please let me know if you have narrow US 11s to sell or trade.
Appreciated! And happy new year, everyone.AHS
On RLPL EG shoes, is the width listed the American or English width? For instance, on a pair of rebranded shoes with a size listed as 10.5/11 D, is the D an American D width or a English D (more like an American C)? Thanks! AHS
MoL, January? AHS
Gentlemen, I continue to look for vintage Edward Green models. US size 10.5 or 11 in narrow widths. Let me know if you have anything to sell. Vintage Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart models, etc... Price negotiable, of course, depending on condition and model. Thanks! AHS
Nothing epic, but two fun finds: Polo Made in Italy Kiltie Loafers. 9 D. Need a quick shine, but otherwise in great condition. Alan Paine Made in England Navy / White Cotton Sweater. 44 AHS
Oops.. Sorry edited above. But the trees are still pretty nice.
DC Lewis Shell Wholecuts - US size 11. Rare prototype. Made when DC Lewis shoes were called "Distinctive Footwear". I traded for these with another SF member earlier last year. But I recently purchased a pair of Edward Green wholecuts, so these are off to a new home. Tagged UK size 10. Approx size US 11 but a narrow last. Probably best for a B or C width. Color closer to whiskey than cordovan # 8. Good used condition. Shell has "waves" but always kept in trees and...
The shoes are beautiful, but I found them just a bit too big for my narrow feet.Anyway, they have already been claimed and tomorrow will be on their way to a new home.AHS
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