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Gentlemen, Indochino is coming to San Francisco next week with a temporary pop-up shop for their travelling tailors. I have been reading the thread, and have seen many hits and misses. Any feedback on what the experience has been like when you use their tailors to take measurements? I'd suspect the odds of getting a better fit increase when they take the measurements and you can speak directly with a tailor or rep. What do you think? Any other landmines to avoid? Thanks...
This has been a lot harder than I thought it was going to be... How about a pair of nylon watch bands? Would that be cheating? Have not yet pulled the trigger, but hoping you will throw me a bone here! AHS
I'm still in, as well. But I have to admit that this has been harder than I thought it was going to be. That this is already a challenge -- especially after only five days -- is a pretty good indicator why this pledge is a good thing for me. AHS
Thanks. Count me in!AHS
I anxiously await the highest court's decision re my tailoring exemption. The $100 emergency fund -- and some socks I will pick up today -- hangs in the balance.AHS
Did I miss the policy on tailoring? I dropped a suit off last week and will pick it up (and pay for it) last week of September. And I have another suit I was planning to leave with him in a few weeks.... May I still play? AHS
LM Double monks in "Naturcalf Marron". New Rey Last. These are available on their site.As I posted last evening, I typically wear a US 11 B in most shoes (including AE, vintage Florsheims, etc). These are size 10. They seem a fraction big on their first wear, but I would stay at this size.I am very happy with them and plan to place a new order soon. AHS
Today I received the LM double monks in dark brown on their narrow New Rey last. Ordered about a month ago.. Took about three weeks for them to ship out... And from Spain to San Francisco in about five days. While I was a little disappointed that there was a three-week delay in sending them out, their Customer Service was really great. (And I am very happy to report that there was no customs upcharge.) I am pleased with the shoes. Color seems a darker brown than the...
Was on the Hanger Project website over the weekend and saw that Kirby offers free shippping on $50+ orders. Gave me the perfect excuse to order yet another jar of saphir renovateur and some other things (including a few pairs of the colored laces.)Love the site... and Kirby's passion.AHS
I don't believe so. Not unless you go MTO... But I would recommend writing Jose with questions. He was very helpful.AHS
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