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I have three pairs of vintage Florsheims (11 B) that I have decided to sell as I am cutting down my shoe collection. They are: Black Captoe Boots Black Captoe Oxfords Dark Brown Longwings They are great shoes in good, used condition. But I just don't wear them anymore.... Hoping to find someone who would appreciate them and we can arrange a very, very affordable price. Let me know. I can post or send photos. AHS
Very odd.... I had a brief email exchange with Jamison this last weekend. I ordered two ties and received them a few days later. Perfect customer service.As an aside, the ties are fantastic. Will be ordering again soon.AHS
Good used condition. 10.5 / 11 D. I found these to be slightly narrow and might be best for a US 11 B or C. Vintage Brooks Brothers shoe trees not included but are available for an additional $15. I will ship securely and quickly via priority mail in the US only. Thanks for looking. Send me a note if you have any questions. AHS
I have this exact pair. Suede is beautiful and I love them. AHS
Who has purchased the cognac pebble grain boots? They look great.... http://www.howardyount.com/collections/shoes/products/cognac-pebble-grain-brogue-boots Thanks, AHS
I posted earlier this morning in the October thread that I was able to make it through the month. Thanks all for the support. It was helpful to have brothers across the world going though the same thing. AHS
Good luck to all of you who do this. Yesterday, I successfully completed last month's version and the experience was rewarding on many levels. Thank you, MoL and the others, for your support. Maybe I will see you in November? AHS
Two and a half days left..... And still holding strong. Last night I used saphir renovatuer (sp?) and cream polish on a pair of vintage Florsheim longwings. Full disclosure: I have a $20 birthday coupon from Brooks Brothers that is good for this month only. I plan to pick up a pair of socks or maybe a watchband. I believe that is acceptable as per our rules? AHS
Survived the weekend. Pretty sure I can make it for another week. AHS
Good news: September has only 30 days. (I'm looking forward to October.) AHS
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