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Exactly. That is why I buy 38S rather than 38R. Taking an inch off the bottom can throw off the jacket's proportions with the buttons and gorge.
Didn't realize that was an option. Thanks!
I was planning to order the Napoli duck canvas suit, but the jacket length for the 38 is listed as 29.75". That is about 1" longer than I prefer. I have a short torso and feel like anything longer than 29" looks to long on me. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice on what I can do? I rally like that suit! AHS
Funny coincidence....I purchased these last week on eBay for $130 as soon as the listing popped up on my iPhone. This was a photo the seller was using.I was hoping that they would fit, but they are too big.I relisted them on eBay right away, assuming I will make a bit of a profit. Let me know if anyone here wants them. I can cut a good deal for a SF brother.http://www.ebay.com/itm/330866841791?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649AHS
Zegnas and Barbera claimed.Thanks,AHS
Two seven-fold Kitons. One orange, the other purplish navy. Also... two Zegnas, one Luciano Barbera. I think I will hold on to the Kitons. At least the navy... but the Zegnas and Barbera are available at cost plus shipping if anyone wants them. The polka dot Zegna shows some wear. AHS
Size US 11 D. (Marked as 1104. The 11 is the length and I believe 04 is the width.) They are just slightly too wide for my US 11 B feet! Otherwise, I would be holding on to them. Wonderful shoes, in very good used condition. Not sure of the last. A very nice slightly more rounded toe than some other EG loafers. Shoe trees not included. Outside measurements are approx 12-1/8" length and 4" at widest part of the sole. Shipping is $12 CONUS. $49 International. Thanks for...
Very good condition. Please see photos. Shoe trees not included. Send me a note if you have any questions. Tagged as 11.5 B but I am an 11 B and they fit me well. Great shoes, but I recently purchased a similar pair of Edward Greens and need to pay the bills! $139. Please add $12 for shipping CONUS. $49 international. AHS
My wife doesn't understand the obsession... but she tolerates it. And for that I am grateful. It does help to have the shoe purchases sent to my work AHS
Here's one of my EGs - Harrogate, obtained from Leffot in NYC. Those are beautiful. Congratulations. AHS
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