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Fantastic Edward Green captoes for Paul Stuart. Rich dark brown patina. Uppers in great shape, soles show some wear. Please PM me with any questions. I plan to put them up on eBay on Thursday if they don't sell here. Priority mail shipping free CONUS. $49 rest of the world. Thanks, AHS
Great Aldens. Great seller.
I am asking $499 (approx 60% off the original retail). Note that they are seconds, but I see no imperfections. As was posted by an esteemed member of SF, they might be seconds because of the bit of stitching visible on the sole near the heel. Please PM me with any questions. I plan to put them up on eBay this weekend if they don't sell here. JL box and bags included. Shipping is $15 CONUS via priority mail. $50 rest of the world. Thanks, AHS For additional info,...
Thank you!AHS
A disclaimer: I purchased these JL loafers on eBay from a seller who didn't know (or maybe care about?) their worth. I do a little selling here and on eBay to finance my own show purchases. But I know very little about John Lobb -- I am an EG man -- so would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Several questions.... 1) What model are these? 2) Is "cherry" the color? 3) What is the circled R stamp? (Are these seconds? Were they returned?) 4) Does a JL 9 E...
Enjoying my Falkirks (Midnight and Dark Oak Antique, 82) today. AHS
Those are Church's.
I know that many of you out there purchased the KW chukka in the fall. Impressions? How is the fit? Being a KW product, I assume they are holding up well? Thanks, AHS
Thanks. That makes me feel better.Hazel Antique. Just beautiful...PM sent.Thanks,AHS
Just purchased these stunning EG Alderley boots from a fellow SF member. I am very pleased with them...but there seems to be excess leather -- at least from my vantage point -- towards the back of the boots when I wear them. They fit me well. The boots are my size in the 202 last. But what causes this -- my thin ankles and narrow feet? Is this normal? Thoughts would be appreciated. Can I get an insert for this area of the boot? AHS
New Posts  All Forums: