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Tie Your Tie and Battistoni (Legit, I hope? Is that an older label?) $3 each. Both are going into the rotation. AHS
Had to wait a couple months for Alden SF to get these in my 10 c size. I was very happy to get a phone call from them over the weekend. AHS
Out in the field... AHS
I've been hunting for barrie lasts in 10 A/C. Just received these. Wingtip boot (4461) on the not so mean streets of San Francisco. AHS
Thanks. Enabling is what styleforum is all about!Happy holidays to you!
I'm wearing mine today with a suit. But it is a slow, quiet day at the office. These are casual shoes. But that's one of the reasons why I like them so much. I keep a relatively small rotation of shoes, normally 6 - 7 pairs, but most are formal (longwings, shortwings, PTBs). I appreciate having something that I will most often wear with jeans or khakis. Slightly off topic... But has anyone seen the next BBBF offerings of shoes? I wonder if they will be doing any more...
Maiden voyage this morning for the BBBF double monks I picked up right before Xmas. Color a bit more subdued in real life. AHS
These are great. IMO shell looks best when it develops an "uneven" (if that is the right word) patina.AHS
Looking much better after very generous applications of Lexol. But I'm still shocked by how dry these get. My Polo C&J ptbs don't have this issue. AHS
So much for a consensus! Thanks, all, for the suggestions. It's so odd... I've owned Alden, AE, and even vintage florsheim and hanover shells. Never experienced anything like like this before. AHS
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