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Slightly better photos. Great condition. Kind of a loden green color, I guess? AHS
Didn't expect to see this at goodwill. Better photos when I get home. AHS
Picked up a lovely grey flannel 3/2 roll trad suit today. Oldest J Press label I've ever seen. From 1950. AHS
Today at goodwill. I assume that the Ben Silver is made by Charvet? Someone posted a similar tie here recently. AHS
Anyone recognize this tag? Attached to an otherwise unmarked, but luxurious and heavy houndstooth 7-fold tie. Thanks, AHS
Thanks! Very helpful.
Help needed. If I am a 10 C in Alden Barrie.... And I am a 10 in the Ralph Lauren Marlow (made by C&J) wingtip and PTB... I would be a 9.5 in the Rain last? Thank you, in advance! AHS
Love returning home to NYC. All them tall buildings... Fast-talking people... And Brioni in the thrift stores! AHS
Looking forward to bringing these home for a little TLC. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: