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Slightly off-topic as this thread has concentrated on Florsheims, Hanovers, etc and other US-made shoes. But here is a pair of vintage Edward Greens for Brooks Brothers. Photographed right out of the box after I picked them up on eBay for $40 plus shipping. It will be fun to work on these. AHS
Quick run yielded two nice finds. AHS
Purchased these a couple weeks ago from the Armoury in New York. Here is their description: The 80105 oxford by Carmina sits on the chiseled and sleek Simpson Last. A favorite of Armoury clients worldwide, this semi-brogued captoe oxford has clean lines and is an ideal choice for suits and sport coats. The Simpson Last is Carmina's narrowest fitting last, characterized by a sharper, chiseled toe and a lower toe box. Asking $249 OBO and $18.45 for the shipping USPS...
Thanks again, Jeff. New ones working out very well. Carmina Simpson 80105 out on their maiden voyage.AHS
Brag-worthy? Ehhhhhh... maybe / maybe not. But I sure think it is cool. Very old and small Brioni, peal lapel, black velvet. 36/46. AHS
Had some time this afternoon to hit a few places. Huge Zegna suit. Small stain that better come out. Very old. Vents but older inner tag. But I can't leave brioni behind. And two pairs of black shell Alden Loafers. One a bit beat up and restored by Alden. The other identical pair are in pretty good shape. Will need a little TLC before they go up for sale. AHS
Family and work obligations severely limited my thrifting time this weekend... but I had a great Goodwill score Saturday afternoon. Honestly, one of the nicest things I've ever found. Navy blue. (And my third recent Isaia in the past month.) Sorry, N/A. AHS
A quick stop at goodwill before lunch. RLBL Suitsupply orphan Brooks Brothers made in Italy suit. Recent Hickey Freeman suit. Nice pattern... Brioni suit Isaia suit I love thrifting... AHS
Couple slightly better photos of the Dege & Skinner suit from yesterday. 3-button stance shows it's age, but double-vents, working cuffs, etc... Second photo of the cuff better captures the real color: blue with a light blue stripe. It's a cautionary tale for a savile row suit... 35 years (and 5,350 miles later) you end up on a Goodwill rack. AHS
Jeff, once again, thanks for the excellent customer service. It's a great pleasure to order from the Armoury.AHS
New Posts  All Forums: