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Beatlegeuse and mdubs, thanks.AHS
Mike (mdubs), your collection is outstanding. I am truly in awe. Did I read in one of your postings that you take a 10 B in the barrie last? I ask because i wear a 10 A/ C in barrie, and have found that many retailers (leffot, leather soul, etc...) only offer D widths on their longwings, boots, chukkas, etc... I am nervous about purchasing 10 B / D when 10 A / C is a better fit. Can you or anyone here offer advice on how to get some new Aldens on my damn narrow feet? AHS
Tuesday. At work. Whiskey shell longwings. AHS
Monday. At work. AHS
PM sent. Career Gear is a great organization and I bet all of us on styleforum understand how important clothes are when interviewing for a job. I'm happy to pull something out of my closet to go on eBay. This sounds fun
This is really cool. Awesome way to support a great cause... PM sent to you about how I can donate shoes for the auctions.AHS
Hi all, I am looking to buy some Alden Shell Longwings (Barrie Last) in size 10 A / C. I already have a pair in whiskey, but would be interested in color #8, cigar, and / or ravello. Price negotiable depending on condition. I can send immediate paypal funds. Thanks! AHS
Received my khaki rivet chinos and (on sale!) grey check flannel walts. As always... I love the clothes and the customer service. I am planning to be in NYC next month. Can I be measured for the MTM program when I stop by the store?
Thanks. That is really helpful. I hate to jump on the "where is Jamison" bandwagon, but he hasn't responded to my two most recent emails. And I have purchased from him in the past.
Quick question. If I am a 33" in most offerings, should I order the 32 or 34" in HY pants?
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