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I wore my vintage Florsheim longwings to the Alden shop this morning. The SAs asked if they were Alden Ravello shells. Amazing what 30+ years of wear, exposure to sunlight and rain, and loving attention can do to shell cordovan. AHS
Haven't shipped yet. AHS
I don't know anything about watches.... Is this anything? Legit? Has "sapphire crystal" and "81 E7 1890" (maybe this is a model #?) written on the back. AHS
Pretty slow thrifting this week. Hoping the weekend changes it up for me. Three highlights: Current Zegna Barbour. Size L This made me happy... Lora Piana. 100% cashmere Roadster Pull. Size 54. Small hole but otherwise looks good. AHS
I ordered the suede 950 robert last shoes on Thanksgiving night. (Or maybe it was the day after.)FWIW, I followed up with an email yesterday and received a reply this morning that my shoes will ship Monday.AHS
Beautiful. Details, please, including the lasts?AHS
Slightly better shots of this morning's haul. Sorry all N/A. Suit Supply Jort x 2. Orphans, but still... Brioni. Wool, cashmere. Polo cashmere. LP cashmere. Took a photo inside to try and get a better sense of the dark green pattern. AHS
Happy thanksgiving, all. Black Friday thriftstyle off to a good start. AHS
I ordered the 950 brown suede Robert. Originally listed at $450, it appeared today in their outlet section at $338. The 20% discount brought it down to $270. Shipping was free, although I won't receive the belt, mousepad, or the trees.. AHS
I guess it was too good to be true. I ordered the Robert suede 950. Still very happy to get them at that price. Just hope they include the trees.AHS
New Posts  All Forums: