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Cool find yesterday. Vintage Edward Green (in great condition) for BB's old Brooks English line. On the defunct 346 last. Unfortunately, they are 11.5 A! AHS
Anyone purchase their shirts recently? Some of the older postings cite issues with the next size running smaller than marked. Wondering if this is still the case. AHS
+1. The change has been slight, but noticeable. I'm pretty thin, but have been running around this planet for nearly 50 years.. Makes sense that your feet would react in this way.AHS
Agree 100%. San Fracisco is not the sunniest place ... so I occasionally leave my shells out in our backyard for the entire day. Hopes to speed up the lightening process a bit.AHS
Agreed... I think the effect comes from me leaning forward (to take the pic with my iPhone) and my pants pulled up. I kind of liked the way it made my shoes look like a pair of suede monsters.
Alden snuff longwings AHS
I love these. IMHO the best shoe in the galaxy!AHS
PM sent. Hope to hear from you ASAP (and before I buy a pair on eBay!) Thanks.
Hi. I would be interested in buying a new or slightly-used pair in a US 10. Price negotiable. Thanks! AHS
Interesting article today from PTO on caring for shell. Seems almost blasphemous to me to suggest anything but the mac method. http://putthison.com/ "How to Raise a Shine on Shell Cordovan Want to know a dirty secret? Shell cordovan – that durable and robust leather known for its luster – doesn’t stay shiny for long. It can look pretty dull after a year’s worth of wear, and afterwards, it’s hard to get that factory-fresh gleam again. Readers of online menswear...
New Posts  All Forums: