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Elmsley on the 202 last. Dark grained walnut. A week ago there was a back-and-forth about the right EG last for narrow feet and heels, but with added room in the toe box area. I'd like to thank @justinkapur for his wise advice to try out the 202. These are a great fit for my odd feet! AHS
A big public thanks to @ATLjon for his part in a trade that netted me a beautiful H&K, Kiton, and black gren Drakes tie! AHS
Ha! Nice...AHS
Some better photos of this weekend's thrift highlights.. Sorry, all N/A. On their way to @Brianpore Sportcoats Suits And this vintage Turnbull & Asser. 4-3/4" inches! Love finding old T&A AHS
So often this is just about being lucky and hitting the right place at the right time. Brioni and Isaia are suits. Bijan is a baller green velvet sc. Better photos Monday. Sorry N/A for now. AHS
Hi all and happy start to the new year. The holidays, travel, and work slowed down my thrifting last two weeks... but still managed to find a few good things. As always, sorry for the photo dump / crappy image quality. I have found three of these coats over the past years. This one is the nicest, though... 100% cashmere. Suits Sportcoats Sorry, all N/A. AHS
My first pair of Lobbs. I could get used to this. AHS
Pretty slow thrifting the last two weeks, but picked up a bit over the weekend. Vintage Edward Green for Brooks Brothers Vintage Florsheim Shell Alden for BB x 2 Alden shell that needs some TLC Movado watch I quickly flipped Boglioli cashmere blend Gaultier suit Versace classic suit Etro suit EZ. Likely orphans, but solid blue so let's call them sportcoats! The vintage Gieves coat I posted on Saturday. Indoor photo. Nice Brioni cashmere...
Didn't have a lot of time to thrift today, but found this: Tagged a size 40. Too heavy for San Francisco so let me know if anyone is interested. Update: N/A. The coat has been claimed. AHS
Let's get this started. $500. AHS
New Posts  All Forums: