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Fantastic. Looking forward to this. AHS
This is an amazing thread. My favorite on SF. Thanks for running it. AHS
Very expensive ($50) by thrift store standards. But I'm not going to pass up vintage EGs in really nice condition. AHS
Slightly better photos. Great condition. Kind of a loden green color, I guess? AHS
Didn't expect to see this at goodwill. Better photos when I get home. AHS
Picked up a lovely grey flannel 3/2 roll trad suit today. Oldest J Press label I've ever seen. From 1950. AHS
Had a great experience with ledbury. I recently purchased four shirts and was very pleased. Nice material, great collars, good quality and fit, etc... There was a small snafu with the shipping of two of their shirts - and a rep named Sarah went out of her way to make it right. One of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Will be ordering from them again soon. AHS
Today at goodwill. I assume that the Ben Silver is made by Charvet? Someone posted a similar tie here recently. AHS
Anyone recognize this tag? Attached to an otherwise unmarked, but luxurious and heavy houndstooth 7-fold tie. Thanks, AHS
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