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Medium or medium / light weight.It's soft... but don't expect the silky feel you often find with 100% cashmere. The cloth has a slightly "rough" texture. FWIW, I am very happy with the jacket and it's a great value for the $$.AHS
The sportcoat colors are somewhere between the HY image and my earlier fit pic. Here are two quick photos from my iphone. The close up shot is pretty accurate.AHS
Agreed. My first pair of Carminas are waiting for me at work. Making me look forward to Monday morning.
Will be stopping by the trunk show. But unable to join you all for dinner. AHS
Yes. That was my experience. 38 jacket with 32 pants.AHS
Thank you! I love SF
Quick questions for the AE experts on SF. At an estate sale yesterday I came across a really nice pair of shell Cambridge shortwings. Great shoes... but crappy iPhone photos Unfortunately they are too small for me so will post them on eBay and/or the buying - selling thread. 1. Does AE always use Horween shell? (Don't want to falsely advertise these if they don't.) 2. Are these are on the 5 last? What is "comb"? Thanks in advance, AHS
Very wise words. And helpful.AHS
Current auction prices are $232 and $122.
I have trouble going back and forth between my Aldens (barrie last longwings) and my EGs and G&Gs. The Aldens look so cumbersome and clumsy after wearing sleeker shoes.
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