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No complaints about this weekend's finds. Sorry, all N/A. BB made in Italy Fitzgerald Vintage Abercrombie & Fitch madras HF. Sometimes is a pass for me, but this is a nice pattern. EZ tux EZ sportcoat. Sorry for the crappy photos, but one of the nicer ones I've ever found. The inner tag was removed, but isn't this a recent label? Brioni. Couple spots, but still.... AHS
Slightly better photos of yesterday's finds. After cleaning it up, I'm convinced the Bottega Veneta is legit. Keeping it anyway, as it fits beautifully. Burberry Prorsum And something for the trads: 3/2 roll J Press Harris tweed AHS
Right after I posted the photos I found this equally suspect Burberry London on the same rack that had just rolled out. And also a Robert Graham shirt... so maybe?Left the RG shirt, but kopped the dubious BV and BL.AHS
Help needed asap! Any chance this is real? AHS
A shout-out to the very generous @eazye for sending me this: This is so awesome. I love Borrelli ties... especially silk / cashmere blend Borrelli ties. AHS
Second (and final) day of thrifting in NYC. Only had time to hit a few places. No Arnys today, but some nice finds: EZ suit and sportcoat BBBF suit and two sportcoats There was a time - about eight or nine years ago - when I wore a lot of black fleece. I still think Thom Browne is a genius... but it's just not my look anymore. AHS
In NYC today for work (and a little thrifting). Sorry for the crap photos. All N/A. Ties Burberry trench with liner. Arnys three piece suit. $63 but couldn't resist... Nice cotton Suitsupply Another Arnys. 100% cashmere. Could use a little time on a wooden hanger to get the wrinkles out. AHS
Hi all, Here is the ebay listing with additional photos. Styleforum price is $379 plus $16 for shipping via priority mail. Thanks! AHS
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