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Love these shoes... even though they run wide on my narrow feet. I sized down 1/2 size and use a tounge pad. AHS
Tie Your Tie and Battistoni (Legit, I hope? Is that an older label?) $3 each. Both are going into the rotation. AHS
Had to wait a couple months for Alden SF to get these in my 10 c size. I was very happy to get a phone call from them over the weekend. AHS
That being said... You're right about a sleeker shoe. AHS
Thanks all for the feedback. In my defense, I took the photo at my tailor's. I had been wearing the shoes (a pair of C&J shell PTBs for polo) with another suit all day. Had just put on the new HY suit after he had made alterations.There is some minimal padding in the shoulders. A little more than I have worn in the past several years but nothing like a RL black label suit I used to own.I'll take a better photo next week. Maybe on the suit's maiden voyage. AHS
Out in the field... AHS
As a follow-up to the photo of the sportcoat.... Here is the gray herringbone flannel suit just back from my tailor. AHS
Thanks for the feedback - and sorry for not replying sooner.This is a size 38. Jamison does not have a size chart on the page of this particular model (http://www.howardyount.com/collections/jackets-suits/products/brown-wool-plaid-jacket), but I can report that the BOC length is approx 29.5".I was so pleased with the brown plaid jacket (and the suit) I purchased that I ordered -- and have already received -- the blue cashmere blazer...
A few people asked for fit photos. This is the brown plaid wool / cashmere made in Italy sportcoat. Thanks, AHS
Italian-made wool / cashmere suit and an Italian-made cashmere sportcoat. I'll post photos when everything is back from the tailors in a couple weeks.AHS
New Posts  All Forums: