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Quote: Originally Posted by Son Of Saphir People think they boring and conservative. People like color and flash. I much prefer English over anything, for what it's worth
Stay away from the first pair - incredibly overpriced for what you're getting, as others have mentioned. I'd spend a little less and go for a similarly styled Hugo Boss - still not great, but you're not getting gouged. Unless you're really into that European look, check out Alden's cordovan line.
Why does it have to be made in England? If you can't find something easily enough, it might be because it's uncommon and not a 'specialty' of that country. In other words, go Tod's or go home.
Because they're beautiful, with a complexity in design/pattern that's otherwise not achievable with simply just punching.
No way is this serious.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedScarf7 Lol, wut? 4 buttons?
You can do a lot better than those - unless you work in IT, then go right ahead! (jk!)
I'd go with the dark one out of those two, but I'd much rather have a medium option.
I buy more brown belts than any other accessory. I never feel like it's enough - strange... Having said that, I own just two black belts!
In my experience, the quality is very, very poor. What's worse, it's incredibly overpriced. The only time I'll get something from Theory is if I know it's a staple that I need right away and I don't have too many other immediate options. I'm not a fan of Club Monaco, but it's a similar aesthetic, and I much rather shop there!
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