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I am doing a little bit of closet cleaning and thought you guys would appreciate these more than the ebayers. I have been a long time lurker and purchaser here, but this is my first time selling. I do sell on ebay under the name reddawgr6, but please don't judge me by my name (I was young when I first created it). If you have any questions about any of my items you can PM me or email me at CSand162@hotmail.com. The first sportcoat is a new old stock Corneliani. It is...
I'll take the OCBD. PM sent.
Pm sent on the Jean Shop's.
PM sent.
I'll take the tanner belt in the natural color
What is the color of the J Crew sweater?
Man I wish those chinos were a little smaller. Great prices.
I'll take the White. PM me about where to send payment.
That is a beautiful watch. Wish I had the funds.
New Posts  All Forums: