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Saint Laurent Paris original 2013 15.5cm light wash stretch denim D02 - M/SK LW. Awesome fitting jeans with the first generation SL cut and perfect light blue. Unhemmed. Size 31. New with tags. 550USD plus shipping by EMS.
Yes, size down 1 for Balenciaga.
Spy mode ON.I saw a huge batch of what I thought were 4 zips going out for mailing yesterday and today.Leather looked just as amazing as prior jackets. Buttery soft and minimal grain/vein or whatever you guys are talking about. Of course it's leather and it has texture but they all looked perfect and I would have been stoked to get any one of these jackets.Spy mode OFF.
Sorry everyone, I meant the suiting wool MA-1s with the padding.
I only went to that one workshop which was cranking out A-2s, varsities, CWU and MA-1s. My understanding is wallets and day packs are being done as quickly as possible at another workshop. Don't have any more details than that.
was at one of the workshops the other day. tons of beautiful A-2s, Varsities and CWUs on their way out the door. Quilted MA-1s are the truth. Wish I had gotten one.
Thanks for sending Dave and his fam our way. Great people.
I bought this season and I'm a 9.5/10 in Nike and went with a 10. Pretty much TTS.
Best part about rolling out to Coachella: chance to wear my Anniversary TOJ MA-1.
I can attest to great durability on my 2.0 version of the backpack. Been using it daily for about 9 months now. Haven't been nice to it in the least and it is totally doing great.
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