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Quote: Originally Posted by Bobxdd Hey there, I posted in the eyewear thread, but never really got an answer. I guess this is a more appropriate thread, since it's specifically for sunglasses, right? Well, could someone kindly identify these Ray-Bans? I'm pretty sure they aren't Clubmasters, because the bridge isn't metal, and they are larger and more square. But they aren't on the Ray-Ban website, or at Sunglass Hut. Haha. Unfortunately, I don't...
Just like to share customs I had made a month ago based on an alden indy Swapped the cloth laces for leather ones
Quote: Originally Posted by michaelw ravello ptb Gorgeous!
Yes, they seem a bit overpriced. I am not too knowledgable with vintage omegas but these don't look too special to ask for that price. I can get them locally for roughly 300-400usd.
I wear five fingers and I have extremely flat and wide feet (like a hobbits). Regular trainers were a pain to use for long periods. Surprisingly these worked wonders on me and after a couple runs my shin and knee pains have disappeared.
lol. I prefer wearing my Seiko to my Rolex. Heck I'd probably even trade it for a Grand Seiko if I can!
Can anyone reco a good design that I can have copied when I get a custom done? Thanks in advance!
I don't like em 1 is good enough for me
I would get the tight ones as long as they don't hurt when you're wearing them. They will stretch. Socks? Why? lol
How about some Pams or Grahams. Those shout masculinity.
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