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Here's another pic of the shorts (31"). If you have big quads, it might be an issue as well.
Yeah I'm wondering about this, because I really just need even half an inch because when I sit, the shorts ride up and put a lot of stress on the leg opening.Everything else about the shorts is perfect and I'm digging the quality.
Got a 33/31 denim project Italy. Does anyone know how much it shrinks when washed/dried? It's a bit loose but I think better than a 32/31. Also I got a 31 in the indigo shorts. Everyone fits great except the damn leg opening. My legs are too big. Too many squats I guess... It's a bit tight Sorry for the poor quality, but just wanted to share my pain with you guys.
It seems between the OCBD BDs and the chambrays, the length is the same but add ~1" to chest, ~0.5-0.75" to shoulder, and ~1" to sleeves.Tempted to bite for one of the small chambrays but wondering if it's still good to stick with the same size small I am with the OCBD BD.
I know this is a WvG topic, but I've heard rave reviews about Kent Wang polos but I don't have a WvG or KW one. Can anyone provide a comparison?
Kind of rude to make fun of a user's photos when they're meant to show off the clothing, not the user's face. Then again you have to expect the worst from the Internet... Sorry for that goldenbear.
I still have my 30x36 Enzos in red if you're interested. I can't wear them
Haha do you own the shorts as well? I'm a 32" in Enzo but only the 31" in shorts are left in stock on sale.I'm tempted...
This seems to be new on the WvG sale page? WHITE HEAVYWEIGHT LONG SLEEVE V-NECK TEE http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/collections/sale/products/white-heavyweight-long-sleeve-v-neck-tee Size Chart link goes to the admin page for the WvG site. It should be directing to here: http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/pages/long-sleeve-tee-size-chart Does anyone own one of these? I'm a small OCBD before dinner. I'm guessing I'd be a small? 5'9" 160lbs.
Thing is, is that only a 31 exists for both indigo and olive shorts in the WvG sale section! :\But I really do want the shorts but not sure if it would be an ideal fit since the 32 is sold out for both colors.
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