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Good fit. Almost looks like an gorgeous olive green in the 2nd pic. I've always wanted a sport coat in that color.
I think they look perfect in sleeve length and suit length. The shoulders are hard(er) to tell without a side picture but honestly they look fine.The waist is too clearly too tight when buttoned, but you can fix that without a tailor but a (gym) trainer instead. Also since it's already warped when buttoned on the waist, it'd be unfair to give any serious input on the chest.Don't burn them even for warmth, I'm sure having it on your back would be more beneficial.Good luck.
Fair point given the picture, but depending on how much he likes it, it may still be worth it to keep/tailor.To you @Melchiades, that high button stance is not very flattering and in my opinion a bit too high even if you did happen to shed a few pounds. However this is just my personal taste.Also given the length of the suit itself, I think it's a bit too long. When you can cup your fingers underneath the jacket itself without it folding is a general (really up to you)...
Where did voxsartoria go? I used to frequent SF very often around 2008-2009 and remember his witty remarks and admired how well dressed he always was. I am aware his tumblr/website is still active but has he abandoned SF on his "voxsartoria" account or possibly has a new unknown username and just lurks instead? I've only began to visit SF frequently the last few months but people like him, mafoofan, etc. made the site more entertaining in general.
Speaking of tailoring with someone that doesn't know English that well (but she's great), do most tailors have any experience with sleeve pitch? I picked up a used Brioni from Craigslist that needs some tailoring in the waist and sleeves in length and pitch/angle (arm wrinkles a bit on the back side). I've read that this is a hard process but I'm willing to pay for the tailoring to get it to fit well (275 + tailoring for my 1st Brioni suit). I just want to know any of...
Following up w/ my brown soho order, it ended up being sold out but it still went through. So I'm getting a refund and a $100 gift card credit. Eh I guess...
Oh boy. I came home from work, excited to hopefully see 2 shirts + 2 bow ties + suit at my front door to be greeted by a single small box with just a single shirt inside. UPS says "delivered". No bueno. Anyone else experience something like this?
I've gotten my SuitSuipply shirts but they are a bit baggy (slim fit) but a bigger issue is the sleeves (maybe 1.5 inches too long). Has anyone gotten sleeves altered? How much should I be looking to pay? Wondering if it's worth it if I paid about 40 for each shirt already.
What's wrong with the suit?I fit a Napoli 40S pretty well but I forgot how the Havana fits in the shoulders/chest.Definitely needed to take in the waist for the Napoli due to my very large drop (9").
I chatted with a SS representative yesterday (Jan 7) on their website because I had two orders.My first one had 2 shirts and a wallet.My second one had 2 shirts, 2 bow ties, and a DB suit.First one was already shipped out and being delivered but the second one was stuck in processing, but he was able to confirm that the order has been placed and will not be cancelled (his words). As of now it's still in process.
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