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Then it isn't as cheap? I can't afford that much on a blazer but at the sale price it was reasonable.
Same! I'm always late to the good stuff. :\
I visited Suitsupply's store in Houston a week ago and am looking to throw down up to 1k (max 1.2k) on a nice navy suit. I just got a job after college and want a nice suit on special occasions such as company dinners, important meetings, etc. I fell in love with the Sienna line they have and it's about 629 OTR. The 36R fit me the best bit was a TAD tight in the chest and about 1/4" too short in the sleeves. I talked to an associate/employee there and he told me a made...
Thanks! I think I'll bite on the BD small oxford.
What do you personally think then?I'm 5'8", 160lbs, 30-31 waist, 15.5/33 dress shirt.H&M small easy iron shirts are very fitted on me (but not too small/tight).Really iffy on the Small vs Medium now because some of the oxford colors I prefer are now one or the other. Just looking for more opinions. The more the merrier.
Do you have both AD and BD cuts? Is there a major difference if you do have both? I might just go the safer route and go for the AD and get it darted if necessary then.
That's good to know. I remember trying on BB's ESF and it was a tad much in the waist but "good enough" on the rest. I mostly have an issue with the waist on most shirts but for a casual oxford shirt i definitely want more room.If WvG's before dinner oxford in small is a tad roomier in the chest/waist than H&M's easy iron shirts in small then it would be perfect.Gonna try to fish for more comparisons before I bite due to no exchanges/returns for WvG's final sales.
I've never worn GBV before. How does it compare to BR, Express, H&M, or Brooks Brothers Extra Slim Fit? I'm extremely familiar with mall brands really and trying to expand my wardrobe since I picked up an actual job graduating college.
Hey guys, I just heard of WvG recently and really tempted to throw down 50 bucks for one of their OCBDs on final sale. Tried to look for fit reviews and such but I couldn't find anything really. I'm 5'8", 160-165lbs (I binge eat often). A small H&M button down is pretty snug on me and honestly the best fitting OTR in terms of sleeve length, chest, waist, shoulders. BB ESF was a bit baggy IMO, How would a WvG OBCD before dinner in small compare if anyone has their...
Hi, I have a question about the fit of Aquascutum slim fits. Comparable to Express/UC of Benetton/Hugo Boss Black or other mall brands, how does the Aquascutum slim fits squeeze in between those brands and etc.?
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