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Love this but I have too many stripes currently. Flits slim, perfect for summer nights. Size XL. 70 OBO
XL. Ri-Ri Zippers. Cotton/Cashmere blend, very lightweight. Worn only a few times, dry cleaned once. Perfect condition. 60 50sipped OBO W34 I love these but I can't see myself wearing them. Bought new, tags included. Worn only twice. Lined to below the knee. Slim but perfect fit. Here is the link for measurements: 140 110OBO XXL hoodie. Extremely hard to find XXL. Perfect light...
So has anyone tried on the Mid-town chinos? The regular westpoints in my size are a little slim but pretty much perfect. But I'm looking for a tan chino for a little more casual wear. If I size up for the Mid-Town, it seems like it would balance out and give me a slim but not too slim cut. Of course there is very little info on them and I'd love to hear some hands on reviews.
ill take these. can paypal first thing tomorrow a.m or even tonight if you want.
gonna hop on this with my next paycheck. There are some better deals for some items on the net but no one place has this much at these prices. Fast too!
So, i got the 1x1 long sleeve crewneck ( and i got a spot on it (not sure what). Is there anything i should know about washing it to reduce stress to the peice? I'm assuming i should hang dry it. Also, I'm on the tall side of things and probably couldnt take much shrinkage, should i be real worried about this? thanks! These. Pretty pretty please. I'll pay alot of dollars in a 33, 34, 35 if you want to let these go. any color way is fine.
W+H jeans arrived, awesome deal awesome speed
Quote: Originally Posted by aether i have for trade or sale: 33 KMW Rocker 33 PBJ x-005 33 Samurai S710xx get at me Interested in all of these. Have they been hemmed at all? how bad is the wear and how much were you looking for?
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