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I desperately want those APCs!!! I know they fit me
What's the drop on the pants?
sending payment right now!
Ill take it!
Payment sent! Thankfully I have a 37" chest and wear a 36R in most brands, so this should be perfect.
any inseam on those APC NS?
Ignore the people who say you can't get to where you want to be. I just turned 27 (5'10")and in college I went from 150 > 170 muscle, but quickly got lazy. I ended up being a 26 year old weighing in around 205 @ 30+% body fat. I went through a time in life that caused me to reassess my choices and healthy. Ever since I've been weight training 3 times a week and running/other cardio 2-3 times a week, eating right, and just being healthy in general. I don't usually drink,...
Is ddswhite still in business? Anyone but why used them yet? It looks like their site is having problems, but you can still order stuff via paypal.
Quote: Originally Posted by wttm Fit pictures added of the khakies and an ass shot to show the back pockets. Bump for actual waist size on pants. Are you a 30 or a 30 in APC NS?
Interested in the jeans, but did you mean you're a true 30 or a 30 in APC NS jeans?
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