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You will have trouble during the approval process. To get the trademark, you will have to show that the trademark is in commercial use at the time of the application, or intending to do so in the future. You also have to pay the fee for each class that you'll be using the trademark in. So for example, if you are making Brand A, and you will make scarves, jackets, jewelry, etc. It has to be registered each class for that separately. It'll get pretty...
Strictly online?.. Saw title mention NY, but no info on site for location.
It seems alright in the city. Cost of renting a parking space, etc. is huge.
Quote: Originally Posted by awxg I have both US and Canadian. Crossing to NY is easier when using the US passport. I see little benefit in having both - especially the Canadian. On the off chance that an incident happens anywhere internationally, I'd rather be recognized as a Canadian than an American. Canada seems to do less things to make their citizens get beheaded.
I usually put up the DND sign the first day I check in, and get towels myself from the front desk.. don't really like people coming in and out of my room when I'm not there. In other words, nothing.
Pleasures Men by Estee Lauder. Smells good, and hardly ever run into anyone using it.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain nobody will be evaluating you at this thing, unless you pre-registered and your name is Dick Fuld III. wear what you wore to work... Agree with OP wearing what he wore to work, but it's possible there'll be soft evaluations. The company (a pharma MNC) I work for does evaluations of people during our info sessions pretty frequently.. and has ruled out possible candidates on fit based on their conduct as...
Quote: Originally Posted by zeeth to anyone that has canadian/us and lives as a canadian, is there any weird loopholes i need to be concerned about before i apply? like if america has a draft am i going to be conscripted, or do i get off on that (or have the option to renounce the dual citizenship at that point?) what are the biggest advantages and disadvantages you've experienced (aside from border hassling i suppose)? thanks for any replies. trying to...
Quote: Originally Posted by VKK3450 I was born in Canada and Naturalized in the US. I carry two passports, but mainly use my Canadian. Once, flying back from backpacking around Europe I was flying into the US and my American passport was nearly in tatters. In a moment of stupidty I handed over my Canadian (figuring Canadians dont need a visa to get into the US). Bad move. I had to spend 30 minutes explaining myself to an immigration officer who...
There's a lot of pseudo-science around napping - splitting your sleep cycle into halves, or thirds. I wonder if people who nap on a regularly schedule are benefiting from this.
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