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price drops 11/26!!! all of these items are "new without tags", but because the last two items i've purchased advertised that way were used I'm going to say that everything is in mint used condition (except the ones that are NWT) all prices include US shipping, take $5 off each additional item 2 Robert Talbot pocket squares - pink linen (no brand tag) and light lavender/blue check cotton (tag detatched) - dropped $26 for both! Brooks Brothers silk lavender pocket...
brown suede loafers for $150... not sure I am a fan of the soles, though
look for joey brand outerwear
JoY proclaimation was not hyperbole
sigh...wish ae had forged ahead with this boot instead of the higher ankle, medallion version they took to production....who's got a 9.5d?
OP: if someone wants to be an "enabler" and pm me a code to get the discount i'd be much obliged:DEDIT: RL CA is the bomb.
hardly ever see horizontal cords em
howard yount rust windowpane jacket, 38r US / 48eu brand new with tags attached, unaltered, ships exactly as it came to me from howard yount.  It is a beautiful coat, but the color just does not work for me.   looking to get back as much of my original cost as possible.  these sold out instantly in the 36-38 size range, so catch the boat you missed.   more info and measurements can be found here:...
four ties, one price ($45 shipped conUS, $50 intl) zegna wool/silk, 3.5 brooks makers silk, 3.6 g vasta biella collezioni silk, 3.6 brooks 346 silk, 3.7 all are in excellent condition.
fantastic hat and contrasty lighting... but it takes only a modicum of effort to find a better display pedestal than a brother box... [insert haters gonna hate graphic here]
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