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amazed that moleskin is still here...great deal!!!
beautiful bag. great deal for those outside the US.
lacoste track jacket in excellent used condition. navy base with multi-color stripes. purchased new by me at NM about two years ago and rarely worn (hence the sale). pit to pit measurement is roughly 22". $70>>65 conUS. high collar y-3 by yohji yamamoto poly track jacket in mint condition. purchased new by me at y-3 and worn twice. pit to pit measurement is roughly 20.5" $OLD.
new with tags first quality ermenegildo zegna dress shirt. size 15 neck, pit to pit measurement of 21", sleeve length is not printed anywhere on the tags so I am assuming it is about 34". I'll let the pictures describe the rest... $125>>100>>now on ebay starting at $0.01 with no reserve! http://www.ebay.com/itm/150711882007?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 (note that in the second picture it looks like there is a diagonal run in teh fabric ro a loose...
13 nice dress shirts, some are like new, most are excellent used condition, a couple have some collar stains. great for someone just starting in the working world. priced to move at $150>>125!! shipped conUS, firm. 1. bb luxury stripe 15-33 2. bb luxury stripe 15-33 3. zegna mainline white textured 15.75-33 4. polo salmon stripe 5. brooks brothers orange check 6 burberry's cream french cuff 7. banana republic blue gingham, med (light collar stains) 8....
just picked these up but the fit is a no go. $160 shipped conUS. Crockett and Jones penny loafers made for the UK store Gordon Scott. excellent used condition but judge from the photos. no box or trees, but I will include a banana republic duster bag. shoe trees shown in the pics, which seem to fit the heel perfectly, can be added for $10.
have a pair of stefanobi austerity wings...something didn't feel right as I was walking up the stairs to the office today... here's why: I'm pretty much clueless when it comes to shoe repair, so if it involves more than sending a box back to CJ, AE, or EG i'm out of luck. presumably this just needs to be glued back together...so do I do it and with what glue? do I take it to any old cobbler? do I take it to an SF-group-think annointed cobbler? (if an sf group think...
not entirely sure. the $250 threshhold is to fill out some customs registration form. either way it pisses me off b/c I could have ordered each of the two items separately since the company was doing free shipping on all orders over $100. Part of me wants to refuse delivery on this first one and then order each item separately. If not for the hassle and the waste of carbon i would probably give that a try.
ordered a couple casual items from norse store (in Denmark)...total came to $256. today got a shipment confirmation email...the dreaded FedEx tracking number. immediately get an email from FedEx saying they need an importer id input record and other documentation necessary for all textiles shipments over $250. I've filled out the form, sent back to fedex, and now wait for my sweater and cords to be delivered along with pecunirary punishment. how bad is it going to...
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