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luigi borrelli napoli used tie in excellent condition, blade is a bit under 3.75" $40 conUS or $50 int'l
mint condition, 100% silk, generously sized - think it is 18" square but need to double check, navy base with pink and green design. $35 conUS or $40 int'l
picked up a pair of the finsburys myself. boston barneys still had quite a few sizes left if anyone else is looking for a pair.
i picked up a box of these but have decided to go in a different direction and the seller won't respond to a request to return if anyone wants them $10-15 cheaper than amazon pm me.edit....above offer is gone...seller replied and will accept a return...fwiw i got a lot of questions about quality and thought i'd share more publicly...quality is ok...not heirloom hanger project hangers, but not terrible either...from 3ft they look fine, from 1ft you can tell there are...
Looking for a Norse Projects Nunk Jacket, in Navy, in size Medium, from a US seller or an overseas seller that can ship via the postal service and NOT UPS/FEDEX. Anyone know a store stateside that has this? I got slapped with an $88 customs/brokerage bill from fedex on my last $250 order from norse store so not trying to get hit again by ordering from overseas.
someone buy so I am no longer tempted... and
yup. those boots. freaking a nice.
pepper spray worthy pricing here, folks...
great deal on the hickey freeman wool blend tie...have a couple of those and they are awesome!
just got this tie in from stephen: beautiful tie, but I've decided not to keep it. still in the plastic keeper and never worn...$60 shipped so save $15 here (shipping). edit: link above not working anymore is the description from the og listing: Beautiful hand made E. Marinella tie. Burgundy with light blue, blue, orange and white print. This tie is a slight second with tags cut or...
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