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any ideas when bergdorf will have a decent sale? saw a cucinelli tweed sportcoat in there that i really liked, but didn't $3500 like...
a few tf ps for an ok bin
my sc/suits are all on nice bb wooden hangers (the gf ones from steve smith which are aweesome) and all my dress shirts will remain on wire dry cleaner freebee specials
really not that big of a deal...take a picture, relist with an honest description, and resell at a different from buying something on b&s that does not fit. simply a part of the cost of buying online (anyplace that does not have free shipping & returns, really) vs. in store.
why does ebay even offer a NWOT option? it's like dangling a carrot in front of sellers to lie. I've purchased the following NWOT...jacket that had denim stains at teh waist (at least this was mentioned in the listing, which said "part of the jacket is new", still not entirely clear on how that works), a cotton rain jacket that had cat hair all over it, and, my personal favorite, a pair of jeans with a hair elastic and a gum wrapper in teh pocket. the last one i called...
what is the quality of these like? stp is, to me, always be a bit of a gamble...
tsbs and lindricks
this will do the trick or if you must get a go a filson or some other waxed cotton bag that you can beat on. when you graduate you can buy an ostentatious case like the link above, but by then you will have realized that something simpler in bridle leather will serve your needs better.
ostensibly monochromatic...yet hte intricacies reveal a wide array...enable unusual suit/sweater/shirt pairings...unusual, i like...yay.
Brooks Brothers (1st quality) bow tie, maroon with sky blue pindots, i wore this once but have another solid maroon bow i like better. $25 conUS or $30 int'l
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