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barneys and neimans in boston both have a decent selection. and yes ascot chang in nyc has an excellent selection. i think valention may be the only private label isaia these days...someone can probably correct me here but they are not as active as they used to be in the private label regard. don't think paul stuard still has suits made by them. my experience with the stp stock has been that it is recent (2010 and newer label on the two scs i'be purchased), but styles...
take the LVC dirt oil washs and the proportion of blu jeans both for $80 shipped!
this is a fantastic deal for the 36s out there...don't sleep!
2nd best deal!
not sure if this is a troll post to bag malford, but if so, fail. i've bought multiple items from stephen and i don't care what his markup was. i know what i paid and all prices were very fair, otherwise i'd not have purchased them. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS FORUM'S OBSESSION WITH WHAT ANOTHER PAID FOR AN ITEM. people on this forum will walk away from an absolute outstanding deal because they deem another's relative markup too great. the (horrid) sibling is the seller...
picked up what is, for me, a grail suit...mid navy with midnight blue windowpane...ostensibly cbd, but has a purple lining. i am trying to adhere to one-in/one-out closet management...as such would like to jettison one or two older cbd suits...not sure if this is advisable. for me i could give two shits about a purple linign...i own a purple sportcoat...but i'm not sure how I feel about taking off my suit jacket in a boardroom to reveal bright purple...not excited about...
even dry cleaning will shrink them a bit over a couple cleanings. a good tailor will recognize the fabric and allow a bit for shrinkage when marking for hemming.
just fyi...many find the 3b last to fit 1/2 size large
nice isaia suit in a 38r for ~$1600 http://www.barneys.com/Base-%22S%22-Suit/501287128,default,pd.html?cgid=MENS05 they have some other isaia at ~50% off, maybe not sf price, but pretty good deals nonetheless
there is a lot of gross shit on ebay...and shoes and clothing that have been worn more than once or twice generally fall in that category imo. but what i don't get is why some folks come to this thread to ride their high horse...if you are so resolute in your disapproval of ebay...why are you wasting your time posting here? ebay frequently offers up items that are otherwise unavailable, anywhere...like this briefcase, for...
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