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"little people"
i buy ties i like...some are $20, some are $ long as there is craftsmanship to apreciate and style that suits you...why obsess?
duplicate post
pls comment on how these are still available at your store: not my style, but gorgeous! [invitation to comment was rhetorical]
these should be gone in minutes... offering them at this price is a noble deed.... just when i though the b&s was dying...long live the b&s
dropped price...borrelli tie for $43....don't sleep....
price drop to $25
not sure if I'm going to keep these or not... ae macneils in navy, 9.5 D, 1st quality, new in the box, but full disclosure these have been on my feet for about 1 minute total and on carpet. no bags or trees included. size is 9.5d and price would be $165 shipped/paypaled conUS. navy is a very dark navy color and very subtle...looks black except in sunlight....
actually, i questioned it and that piccolo is ridiculously nice, btw
ill answer for institches...are you a special flower?
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