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worth it iff (if and only if)only if your child is mature enough...take off your rose glasses, as applicable. between work, college, living in new england my entire life, and growing up in a NH town that houses a well known school I have many friends and acquaintances who came out of the name drop new england preps...some had truly enriching experiences; some learned how to blow coke and act like entitled bitches. if your child sees the big picture, it is worth the...
added y-3 honja lows
recommended sellers: prajna12 sartorialism zbromer Steve Smith Spoo rudtnr recommended buyers: rajagopalanator PorkPie kryn13 nai denchua apparentus ZhiMingBuFanDe flakers: lostbeans TinTinATL
here is a random thought to reduce flaking... can i call people out who pm to say "I'll take this - send me your paypal email" but then never pay? I also want to call out those who send offers, which I accept and then they don't pay. I was thinking of adding a runnign list of all the handles who have done this to my for sale thread, but I don't want to get in trouble if that is frowned upon. the b/s feedback thread seems to be more for transactions, and these...
Quote: BNIB Romano Martegani Pisa in "Calf Bombay", marked size is 9.5, fits 1/4 to 1/2 size larger. I am usually a 9.5 but wear size 9 in this shoe. Beautiful tan/cognac color and don't have the darker redish pigments of the "Rustic Bombay" color in which these shoes were also offered. First picture is best indication of color. Dustbag/box/tissue included, will also include the shoe trees pictured in teh cole haan shoes below for free. Brand new...
added billy reid shirt and gilded age denim
that picture says "shop the finest" all the way...
anything from charles tyrwhitt everything looks great online, and then when I get it i'm dissapointed, but usually not dissapointed enough to return it
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