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Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz +1 .. don't stress to much about finding suits that fit your body perfectly. Find suits that fit your style, then have them tailored. ^^i agre that op should fin suits in a style he likes, but they also MUST fit in the shoulder. the rest can be easily altered. being a similar slim but broad shouldered body type, I'd advise you to look for softer, non-roped shoulder construction which will make the...
Quote: Originally Posted by celeste_pista added zegna shoes and some more belts... drops
Quote: Originally Posted by AllenEdmonds I believe that is the Allen Edmonds Arlington, from the late 80s - early 90s. Style number 3707 Thanks, i thought this was a joke until i googled "allen edmonds arlington", and sure enough those shoes popped up.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero "I have a business meeting with my organic fava bean distributor." after said business meeting I will ask for a raise in order to purchase the rest of my pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatsbee ^yeah those are really awesome sneakers. Do they fit pretty TTS? fit pretty tts, maybe a touch small. consistent with other adidas...aka the adidas gazelles tend to fit on the tight side of true whereas the sambas fit on the loose side of true. oh yeah, drops!
i pm'd a while back and never got a response either...
added zegna shoes and some more belts...
worth it iff (if and only if)only if your child is mature enough...take off your rose glasses, as applicable. between work, college, living in new england my entire life, and growing up in a NH town that houses a well known school I have many friends and acquaintances who came out of the name drop new england preps...some had truly enriching experiences; some learned how to blow coke and act like entitled bitches. if your child sees the big picture, it is worth the...
added y-3 honja lows
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