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[[SPOILER]] hypoluxo...extremely impressive for your 4th post.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexanduh how are your helmut langs going? going well...finally getting some fades, denim took forever to soften up. drops!
Quote: Originally Posted by bourbonbasted The manager said that the only two companies he knew of that produced Peals were C&J and SA, though he admitted that the price point hardly aligns with the rest of the shoes. ^^is impressive from a brooks employee....every brooks brothers sa i've dealt with loves to talk about how brooks brothers owns peal & co and waxes on about the great work they do in their factory. never can tell if they are...
do peal & co shoes come with dust bags? picked up a pair of the suede medallion toes today and there were no dustbags...
as seen here: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...lt_color=Brown I just picked up a pair at the store but they did not have any shoe bags. Are these supposed to come with shoe bags? I thought they did but I don't want to call and complain if they don't come with bags.
have a pair of dark brown suede brogues from Charles Tyrwhitt. I got these about one month ago and wore them once. perfect condition except for some very light scratches on the leather soles. paid $225, looking for $150 shipped conUS. http://www.ctshirts.com/Brown--Earham--suede--semi----brogue?q=usddefault|earham|ML100BRN||||||||||||| please note actual color is a bit darker than the (stock) photos...I will post real pics soon.
great deals here!
last drop on zegna
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek This is still around? Possibly interested. Why did they have to make it the wrong size for a carry-on? so they could sell you a matching carry-on bag to go with it
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