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The difference between what I look like when I'm pale (now) vs tan is tremendous. I've tanned on and off for a few years, but It's likely not worth it anymore to go underneath a tanning bed. With that said, has anyone had success with sunless tanners that don't look fake? Thanks.
There are threads with people suggesting things, but I haven't seen any success stories. For those of you who have previously suffered from bags/dark circles and no longer have them, how did you do it? Was it diet change? Cosmetics? Did you resort to surgery? I get 8-9 hours of sleep/night and sometimes more, workout 5-6 days/week, eat healthy, drink rarely, don't smoke, and have good hygiene.
Does anyone have trouble with their upper lip? If I don't go against the grain on my upper lip...I always have a 5:00 shadow and it looks like I have a dirtstache. If I go against the's clean...but I get razor bumps, defeating the purpose. Thanks in advance.
I'm trying to shampoo less frequently (for me, that is cutting back from 2 times/day to 1 time/day if possible). With that, I usually shower at night after my workout. However, when I wakeup in the morning, my hair is all over the place. Aside from a shower, what do you guys do to make your hair manageable?
What is your go-to for Shampoo? I've been using Head and Shoulders Hair Endurance for a while...and though it helps with my dandruff, my hair seems very dry. I'd assume this is considered a drugstore shampoo and not that good for you. What else do you guys use? My hair isn't thin...but it's not it's in the middle. I'd be looking for something that would possibly help make it thicker...but mostly just be solid shampoo that isn't cheap.
At what point are your jeans too long/do you have too much extra fabric? I just got a pair back from the tailor and they still seem too bunched at the bottom.
I've always had problems with Jeans and pants, as my inseam is 31 inches. 30 is too short, 32 is too long. Is it possible to get them hemmed so that it's not noticeable? Do I just basically need a really good tailor? Thanks.
General style question on getting the bottoms hemmed: 1) Where should the bottom of your jeans hit in regards to your foot/shoe? 2) How much should you end up spending per pair of pants? $15?
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackhood Suspenders shouln't be seen, I will only wear mine with a waistcoat. would it looks bad when my suit coat comes off?
Are you for/against wearing suspenders at a wedding? I'll admit...I'd be doing it so I don't look like everyone else. Thoughts?
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