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We live in a tech first world now. Gotta scare them in the CK Megaman jacket
I want the white jeans and that dark airport sweater. Expensive as shit though geez
Whoa. They send you emails when people tag you now?
Unless you were friends with the person i don't understand why people would continue to do the gift option. Peace of mind is worth the extra 2-5% or whatever it is now
The thought of someone paying $400 for those really bums me out
New house photos finally. Looking good as always, bud. Boots are sweet
Though honestly, with lots of deep sales, more low-mid end brands, and good buy&sell, supermarket, ebay finds you could pretty much build just off of that. You just have to be super patient
Most has been said already but hopefully this is somewhat helpful to newer users - A few h&m/uo/zara/jcrew type purchases (on sale usually) - Keep eyes on b&s, supermarket, ebay - Local and online boutiques around sale season Pretty much it. People trying to do it all at h&m, jcrew will probably be very disappointed and surprised how expensive it gets for things you don't like that much. I think people also get into a bad habit of justifying clothes they don't really...
Wow. That's really good stuff, man. Like the colors and fit a lot.That's a winning combination if i've ever seen one. I should find the lifestyle pic i had last year with pbr and chicken+waffles The 5ep x sf jeans looked like they were coming along real nice in your last fit. Those things must be built to last. Been 3 years now? My petit standards have nice little ventilation in the crotch now
I was just deleting really old PMs. Do Jufros, Black Cherry and Warlock still exist on the site?
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