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Bought new, worn twice and slightly too small for me.
Any boots ? it....will for sure check sizing. Very helpful. Once i nail that down....then what.....
Interesting....I do lift every week, but dont reallyl have the body type that packs on the muscle. I will check measurements. Any other thoughts on bespoke or RTW ? brands ? Thanks.
Here's the deal, i work in finance, in Boston, and like suits that are conservative, but with a little more style. I am 6'0" 175, and generally a 42R fits very well. My current suits are all Oxxford and Zegna, and most need replacing. So i will be in the market for 3 - 4 suits this fall (business casual in the Summer). I was thinking about some of the popular brands here (brioni, borrelli, etc..) from the sponsors. I would say that the most i would spend would be...
Along the lines of Sutor, or Santoni FAM. Will consider others. Relatively conservative suit/tie stuff....dont lilke monk straps (usually). Thanks.
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Very interested in the Crombie's, but would definitely like a longer (below knee) coat. They show measurements on the site, but not sure what they are measuring. Picture looks shorter than knee lenght. Any advice ?
Information superhighway search of Schneiders doenst turn up much. any thoughts on the Crombie from the UK or the Borrelli's from STF ? Any comments on dresss/commuter boots ?
Hi All - Winter is coming to Boston and i need a new overcoat and boots. I am 6'0" 175, and work in finance, so i wear suits all winter. I would prefer a longer coat as i walk about 1 mile/day and the wind/rain/snow/etc...gets everywhere. Probably black, grey or navy and pretty conservative. Would limit it to $1500 or less. Secondly, same issues with boots. I have been wearing duck boots, but they are incredibly slippery. Thinking of Dubarry's, so wondering if...
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