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Hey SF, I'm again selling this pair of brand new Rudy fit Epaulet trousers. Same ones as listed last week as they didn't work out for the previos buyer. I'll update the lasting with actual measurements in a bit to prevent sizing issues in the future. Khaki color size 32 and brand new with tags. $130 shipped.
They've sold out super fast...twice. I'm sure they will re-order them super soon so as Phi said shoot them an email and ask about a re-order and potential pre-order.
Hey Tom I really love the 4x4 style for a pair of PTBs so much more than the normal PTB style, do you think that you guys could come out with more shell offerings in the future using the 4x4 style?
He cant, the OP (Jet) would need to edit the first post (and hopefully the title of the thread) with the great FAQ that Borderline put together.
Yup sold. Thanks Jrd.
I'm not quite sure I understand the question. They are khaki colored Rudy fit Epaulet trousers and the sizing is broken down in the chart posted.jrd617: I messaged you back.
Hey SF, Selling a pair of brand new Rudy fit Epaulet trousers. Size 32 and brand new with tags. 135 shipped.
My new Whiskey wingtips....
SOLD and shipped out.
Hey SF, I'm selling two J.Crew gift cards which total $125 ($100 on one card and $25 on the other.) I can either ship them out or email/PM the numbers and pin codes. Both are yours for $105.
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