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Hey SF, I'm selling a couple pair of Alden chukka boots. These are first quality not seconds. Neither pair comes with their box, but I will included free shoe tress for each pair. Shoe: Alden ravello shell chukka boot Size: 10.5D on the Barrie last Price: $375 shipped. SOLD! Shoe: Alden cigar shell chukka boot Size: 10.5D on the Barrie last. Price: $375 shipped. SOLD
SOLD! Thanks SF!
SOLD! Thanks SF!
Hey SF, I'm selling this great pair of Epaulet trousers. Walt fit, measurement are below. Its hard to get a picture of the color, they are "pine" but they look grey indoors and more green outside. Size 32 and they are brand new with tags, never worn. $135 shipped.
I bought these off another member over a year ago and never once wore them. My ass is too large, its never gonna fit in these. Size 32 MII 21cm. $145 shipped. SOLD! Update Measurements: Waist: 17.5 inches Front rise: 10 inches Rear rise: 14.5 inches Upper thigh: 11.5 inches Knee: 9 inches Leg opening: 8.5 inches Inseam: 37.5 inches
Drop to $500 shipped. Thats $200 off a pair of brand new whiskey shell Aldens.
Drop to $500 shipped! $200 off for a pair of new whiskey shell Aldens.
Awesome shoe, why are these still for sale? If they were a 10.5 they'd be long gone.
Thanks! And yes Tres Bein Shop (Sweden) made a #8 cap toe boot with antique edgetrim on the trubalance last (but all E width) during christmas time but they're long gone now.@violethour1951: Yeah those are the Leffot daytrippers. @david3558: Post pics! I want to see them with a little bit of wear on them. It'll help me stop staring at them and put them to use asap.
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