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Added to new listing here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/327468/fs-alden-for-leathersoul-ravello-shortwing-10-5-leffot-daytripper-11d-more
Cigar plain toe boot on what looks like the modified last thus either Moulded Shoe (NYC) or Anatomica (Paris) are most likely responsible for that makeup.
While I'm here I might as well share some pics of my now correct sized Leffot day trippers that I took a couple weeks back. Thanks again wigglr for buying my 10.5Ds to help me get these! First pair Ive gotten that has the lucky stamp inside!
Id honestly give up on your search unless someone has a old pair they are wiling to part with. Sadly Alden doesnt do machine stitching on cordovan indys anymore.
Great stuff Namor!
Sold! Thanks SF!
Im a 10.5 on the Barrie but the opinion on sizing for the Grant last is split. Some take the same Barrie size (which is what I did initially when I bought them) and others go true to size. These were a bit tight for me across the front thus I'm selling them and looking to snag a 11D. These will work for someone who takes a 10D on the Barrie for sure or someone who is a narrow footed 10.5D if that makes any sense.
Someone buy my 10.5D day trippers so I can buy these!Three way trade if you will....help me out people!
New Posts  All Forums: