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Great stuff Namor!
Sold! Thanks SF!
Im a 10.5 on the Barrie but the opinion on sizing for the Grant last is split. Some take the same Barrie size (which is what I did initially when I bought them) and others go true to size. These were a bit tight for me across the front thus I'm selling them and looking to snag a 11D. These will work for someone who takes a 10D on the Barrie for sure or someone who is a narrow footed 10.5D if that makes any sense.
Someone buy my 10.5D day trippers so I can buy these!Three way trade if you will....help me out people!
Hey SF, These boots are fantastic and its hard to let these go. Id love to trade them for a 11D, so if you have them please contact me. Item: Alden for Leffot Ravello Cordovan "Day Tripper" Boot Size: 10.5D on the Grant Last Condition: Worn Once. Price: $700 shipped Thanks for looking!
Indeed. Go Dawgs!
Wow....Awesome shirt collection NYR! Oh and +1000000 cool points for having the Arsenal shirt and the one you see on the listing page.
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