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Are these Leydon or Barrie lasted?
Just buy another pair of cordovan Aldens to use as your rain boots......duh. But seriously as a fellow Alden loving PNWer you need to pick up some of this to prevent water spots.http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes/AldenForJCrew/PRDOVR~93963/93963.jspEnjoy your new boots!
Oh I wasn't saying it in a negative way or anything sorry if it came off that way. I just said that to highlight to everyone to go by the pics in the listing as the seller clearly doesn't know what they are selling (More steals for others!)
Yes they are. He/she didnt put it in the title/description but if you look at the pics you can tell and there is also the shell cordovan stamp on the sole.
I'm just going to leave this here.... http://www.ebay.com/sch/Mens-Shoes-/93427/m.html?item=310733306754&_sop=10&LH_Complete=1&_ssn=muchocoins First quality Aldens at stupid prices. I totally lucked into the Ravello longwings in my size for 270 shipped!!!!!!! Good luck, as you'd imagine given the prices, they dont last long. (I think the Ravello Chukkas lasted max 1min) If you're a reseller go fuck yourself, let people get some steals for shoes they want. Anyways here...
Sold, thanks SF.
Ravello boots are now SOLD! Thanks SF!
Ravello boots are now SOLD! Thanks SF!
Leathersoul shortwings are SOLD! Thanks SF!
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