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'Halleck' (I have them, but these aren't my pics)
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Fantastic stuff Dubs!
Daytrippers today for a crappy day in the PNW
Leathersoul are the only ones to do a SWB in Ravello.As for Cigar, Mike at Epaulet agreed to do a run for us a while back. That order was placed back in 2011 and nothing has come of it most people (if not all) of us were refunded since Alden handnt even confirmed the order 2+ years later.I know you didnt ask about them but to complete the shell rainbow and for general Alden knowledge...Tassels out in Hong Kong did a Whiskey pair way back in 2011And Tom at Leathersoul did...
Walts sold!
Hey SF, Selling a couple Epaulet items. Both brand new with tags. Epaulet point collar oxford. Size Large Brand new with tags and unaltered. $60 shipped Epaulet navy twill walt trousers. Size 33 Brand new with tags and unaltered. $80 shipped. SOLD Thanks for looking!
Dont forget that The Lakota House (Japan) got some special #4 makeups for their 10 year anniversary back in 2010 aswell.
God I wish you were a 10.5. GLWS
Damn it, why couldn't you be a 45!? GLWS
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