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^ I was there yesterday trying them on. They fit great they'll for sure be my next denim purchase.
^nice to see more NTers over here. Whats up man. Quote: Originally Posted by gasoline In mine there's crewcuts between Women's/Men's. No Coupon. What does it look like? Could it have fallen out? No, it would have said on the cover of the catalog somewhere, "special gift, look inside" or something to let you know there was one inside. Sorry man, you just didn't get one this time around.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Some pics in afternoon sunlight: Cigar LWB: Re-post because these are absolutely stunning! I want sooo bad, thanks for posting those.
Quote: Originally Posted by slide13 Got the catalog with coupon today...probably use it to pick up a new sherpa hoody which is my winter around-the-house staple. Unfortunately the coupon code no longer works for collaboration items, was hoping to get some of the new Quoddys as well but that is a no-go. Unless they actually did something to change it the coupon should still work on collaborations. I used the one I got last month to get a pair...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 Guys, I think more than half a bill being exchangeable at a bank is just an urban rumor. I went to the bank teller and said I need to break this $5 and she said "it's a ripped $10 bill, do you have the other half?". I told her that I didn't but it's more than half the bill so go get me a full one. She looked at me like I was nuts, so I told her "the internet sent me here"... then I left. Maybe someone else can try...
Quote: Originally Posted by wrenhunter And 20 minutes later, the Mediums are gone. Keep checking, the sizes seem to pop on and off. I kept checking and randomly the M popped back up and I ordered it a week and a half/2 weeks ago. I was going to post about finding it on the site by searching "Sun faded utility," but I wasnt sure the order was actually going to go through...By the time it did earlier last week another SFer already mentioned it...
I just checked and there was a XS, M, and L left.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Wait, where are there red chambrays left? I thought they were all gone... Go to the site and search "Sun faded Utility" and the red chambray will pop up. Its the only way to find it on the site (I dont understand why) but I kept checking and checking and eventually a medium popped up last week and I ordered it. Its "out for delivery" by UPS right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Actually lol it's 131 euro's to ship it to me That's insane Whaaat!? Why? I mean seriously why/how do they justify that charge? Have you asked them, I'm curious to know the answer.
Quote: Thats not an option because it actually sounds sensible. + it would cut down on the amount of post in this thread with people bitching about stuff not fitting them. Seriously guys we've gone over this a million times over the course if this and every other Jcrew thread. Either dont buy it or go get it tailored. We dont care that it doesnt fit.(sorry I'm just tired of seeing someone complain about this on each and every page)
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