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I really wish these were one size bigger. Great price on a great Alden makeup...good luck with sale. *bump*
You have me sitting here giving evil looks of disgust torwards my #8 shell boots because they aren't these...thanks a lot. Smh J/k (sort of) but awesome boots!
Damn I wish that first suit was a 40R. free bump!
Wow thats an pretty awesome suit! free bump!
WOW what a last few days! I don't even know why I kept looking through all the pictures, heart stopping stuff. Thanks to everyone who posted their collections. Here is the newest addition to my small humble collection... Cigar LWB. I freakin love these!
Drop to $300 shipped!!!
Thank you for trying to look out for the community.
Quote: Originally Posted by wj4 I was hesitant to buy a pair of Whiskey LWBs as I feared they may be too similar to my tannish J. Crew version LWBs. As a result, I went and got Whiskey PTBs instead. Here's a side by side comparison to show the similarity/difference in color hues. Those Whiskey PTBs are absolutely mouth watering my man! Please post some more pics. (wait maybe you shouldnt, I'll want them even more.)
Wore these yesterday when it was actually sunny in Seattle....today not so much. JCrew #8 captoes for their first outing. (sorry about the crappy pics)
Drop to $315 shipped!!!!
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