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^Absolutely fantastic!!!!
Man I wish these were a 10! WP is sold out in my size but I dont want to wait for the pre-orders to come in. Best of luck with the sale. *free bump!*
^ the coupon stopped working a while ago on the Aldens.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug pics of ur gf in katy perry costume plz. thanks This.
I saw someone in London wearing a well fitted tux jacket, white V-neck, jeans and some nice shoes and I thought it looked great as I walkled by. Plus he had 4 good looking girls with him so he must have been doing something right...haha
This should be asked in the Jcrew thread, but no they arent. Its just the type of wash....they are like their broken in chinos.
^God those are nice! Hey quick question guys, all this talk of wearing shoes in the rain has me a little scared. I live in Seattle and I dont want to destroy my shoes do to our wet weather, so is there any suggestions as to how to protect the soles of my shoes from having a similar experience as halberdklown? I got not wearing them two days in a row but is their anything else? And from what I have read its a no-go for shell in the rain altogether, right? If so that...
Quote: Originally Posted by tlieu Does anyone know which shoe last the longwings in the very middle of the picture is? It's definitely not on the Barrie last cause the one on the right looks more like it's on the Barrie last. This one has more of a round toe box, which I like. Interesting stuff. Thanks for the translation nutcracker.
Just a heads up but my local Jcrew had these selvedge Levi's for $49.99. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/d...4611/24611.jsp
^thanks for posting pics. Fit wise how would you say they compare with Jcrew's "vintage slim fit?" They look to fit very similar to me.
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