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Quote: Originally Posted by johnnyrich7 Hate crap like this. Clearly the poster does not know much about Alden, or didn't read the other post thoroughly. In regard to these ravello plain toes, absolutely gorgeous shoes. Ravello is my favorite shell color. I think this is a great price considering that in one day ALL Alden retailers have to increase the price of Aldens 5%. Brand new these will be about $700 after tax. True. However...
^^ its only 5% As part of the All picture day...(sorry phone pic) LS LWB
^ I dont breathe hard like he was when I'm looking pics so I feel like I'm a few notches down from the maker of that video... haha well at least that what i'm going to tell myself. Wj4 : Sweet collection. Your beautiful Cigar LWBs are begging for someone to wear them...do it! * *or send them my way!
Quote: Originally Posted by mediahound What' s up with shoe fetishes? I don't get it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3NeHnwGUDU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_ebtA4xMJM Isn't this a bit bizarre? Wtf!? Those vids are VERY disturbing...I felt akward watching dude slowly caress the other dudes shoes + he way breathing pretty freaking hard...smh. Oh and I'm down on for the 2/24 Alden all pic day (I check this thread numerous times...
I have a $250 gift card to Blackbird Ballard that Id be willing to sell. http://www.blackbirdballard.com/ email (trunks206@gmail.com) or PM me.
^ amazing! Where are they from?
^ Tom and the LS crew just had a preorder for #8 shortwings with antique edge trim.
Quote: Originally Posted by rick thor who is making up cigar perf-captoe barrie last. me want +2 I would like to know aswell.
Those Winn Perry's are awesome! I wish they were my size. Free bump.
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon Picked up the St James long sleeve shirt via on-line to satisfy my curiosity. Wow, I've never thought an item looked so cool on a model and then looked so wrong on me. I could never pull this one off. Dont even know the words to describe what I looked like. Just plain wrong. I guess its a French thing. I had the exact same issue. It looked so good on the mannequin but looked like shit when I...
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