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David, Those look great! Did you treat them or something? They look much darker than on the website, but wow I like the look ALOT!
Thanks Tom! Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Spring trunk show at LSBH confirmed for March 11 and 12. We'll be releasing a bunch of suede and a few old favorites. Any hints?
^Sweet shoes. But going on what he is asking... Tom are those brown and tan suede/leather saddles in the middle of the pic below from the longwing blog your makeup from 2007? The ones from the blog look a little darker, but I don't know if its just the lighting. The look great but I just like to know so I'll not get my hopes up on finding a pair these days. Great jumper boot BTW.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheWGP And my order's safely shipped, so I'll go ahead and post it - I was lucky enough to snag some cigar shell longwing bluchers from Shoemart, seconds - plus they were nice enough to apply the January sale since it was a phone order. Before anyone asks, there are no more cigar/whiskey/ravello longwings in any size as far as the phone rep could see. $350 + $10 shipping - is that about what Aldens cost in 1999? Sure,...
Quote: Originally Posted by bombers Damn, only if you were a Medium...I would cop most of the J Crew stuff. Thanks. This. GLWS
^Absolutely fantastic!!!!
Man I wish these were a 10! WP is sold out in my size but I dont want to wait for the pre-orders to come in. Best of luck with the sale. *free bump!*
^ the coupon stopped working a while ago on the Aldens.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug pics of ur gf in katy perry costume plz. thanks This.
I saw someone in London wearing a well fitted tux jacket, white V-neck, jeans and some nice shoes and I thought it looked great as I walkled by. Plus he had 4 good looking girls with him so he must have been doing something right...haha
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