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Can we please get this thread back on track???
^ love the boots Uncle!I completely agree with what you said. The direct sun light makes the marks look much worse but even if the boot looked like that all the time personally I like it, it gives the boot some extra character. Everyone who snagged a pair is pretty lucky.
If these were a half size smaller, I'd be starving myself for 2 weeks to re-coup the money I'd be spending on them. Great chukka's and good luck with you sale.
Roguls: My god those look fantastic in those pics. Enjoy 'em
Sexy Captoes PMac and welcome to the forum!
Is it bad that I want to buy this really bad, but in doing so I wouldn't have the funds to take a trip anywhere anytime soon??? Must resist........
Another great make-up by Tom and the LS crew. ( And normally I don't like NST shoes)
^They would look great above your wall of Alden's at the Waikiki store. Arizor: As mentioned, fantastic boots! Could you snap some more pictures of them so we could see all the character those have? For me today... Leathersoul Saddles. Thanks again to Tom for the great make-up and thanks to REguy/Jason for trading me for a pair that fit MUCH better than my previous pair. We both won!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Cashmere sold, HUGE drops on the other two jackets, and a great price on these great Alden boots from a shop who will no longer exist soon...Winn Perry. Seriously I don't understand why these are still around. Sweet price, great color, amazing leather, perfect soles for wet weather and they are from a store that no longer is around, thus no remakes.....whats going on you size 9.5 SFers?
^ I absolutely LOVE your Unionmade tassels man. Thank god they have long sold out of my size. Mac, as always great shells. I'd love to see a collection post at some point but we all know that would require you to take a week off of work.
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