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^ I absolutely LOVE your Unionmade tassels man. Thank god they have long sold out of my size. Mac, as always great shells. I'd love to see a collection post at some point but we all know that would require you to take a week off of work.
Why I have no monies right now! Sweet Chukka's...screw whoever buys them.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini He's trying to get advice for impressing a piece of ass he's already tagged? And he's will to drop $150 to do so? Did I miss something?
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcibiades FYI Broken in, shined up cordovan loafers worn sockless are some of the best things you can wear in the spring/summer. The ravello tassels got many compliments last night I continue to believe there aren't enough loafers (cordovan and suede) posted in this thread... They are great Totally agreed. I have yet to own a pair, but I love the look of Alden tassels. I dont know how much wear they would get...
Great shoes on the last few pages guys! Here are a few pics of the last couple of days for me now that I have time to post... Thursday Cigar Captoe Boots Yesterday Cigar LWB Have a great weekend guys!
Quote: Originally Posted by scb looks like trickers I thought the exact same thing. The similarities of the eyelets, laces and edgetrim is too similar to not be intentional.
Shell Indy's look so much better with machine stitching. Nice boots!
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer I figure the present value of someone buying my Alden ravello boots in 10 years is like $1k, so I think I profited $300 by buying them now Damn it stop reminding me that I dont have a pair!!!!
@ where this thread is going. Thanks for the comments guys.
Butter soft suede + Crepe soles = Most comfortable summer shoe ever! Bump for a great shoe and a great seller.
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