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^ You could tell Spoo? I just did it on my notebook paper while being bored in class back in HS. Sweet! Thanks for the interests guys and girls. I thought I was S.O.L. and I'd have to resort to Ebay since (thankfully) my GF isnt a member of PF where women's designer shoes would be better to sell on. I have some more pictures of the 4 pairs above which I took on Tuesday (see below), but I will take some more showing the condition (I think they are all either brand new or...
SIze?? Awesome boots!
Hey guys so my GF has just as much of a problem with clothes and shoes as many of us do. She asked me to sell some of here shoes for her, but before listing them on ebay, I wanted to see if there was interest on this board from members maybe looking to get in good with their significant other. If there is some interest I will add some more pics and find out what she thinks prices should look like. Have a good one, Ian Mods if IC are against the new B/S rules...
Page 1000!!!!!! NOMAR: I knew you would snatch those up. Great pick-up Although it not very summer-like at the moment here in Seattle, but with my new pick-ups I'm pretty set for when the sun comes back out... Snuff Suede longwings from Leffot (Thanks again Jim!) and Blackbird Ballard's tan unlined oxfords. Also I'm thinking about selling both my Jcrew Alden make-ups, so if anyone in here is interested, please shoot me a PM. Both are a 10D on the Barrie...
Have all the sz 10 SFers been abducted or something??? Why are these still for sale at this ridiculous price??
I. Must. Stop. Buying. Aldens.I love both PTBs, perfect shoes to wear to relax in the Italian sun.
DAMN IT! Why do you do this to me SF? So another member is selling a 9 and you've got a 11 but sadly I need a 10. Aww well, sweet shoes someone better snatch them up. GLWS
Sadly these aren't my size, but are these the unlined or lined version?
not a single damn was given by LEC with its boot and bag "designs."
+1 on the choice of Chukka boots today. I love the watch and strap combo too. I applied the Mac/Srivats method over the weekend and shined these babies up really nice (thanks for the care advice guys!) sadly then less the 5mins after I head out the door it starts raining. Anyways Ravello Chukka boots for me today... Have a good one guys.
New Posts  All Forums: