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DAMN IT! Why do you do this to me SF? So another member is selling a 9 and you've got a 11 but sadly I need a 10. Aww well, sweet shoes someone better snatch them up. GLWS
Sadly these aren't my size, but are these the unlined or lined version?
not a single damn was given by LEC with its boot and bag "designs."
+1 on the choice of Chukka boots today. I love the watch and strap combo too. I applied the Mac/Srivats method over the weekend and shined these babies up really nice (thanks for the care advice guys!) sadly then less the 5mins after I head out the door it starts raining. Anyways Ravello Chukka boots for me today... Have a good one guys.
Damn man its a shame this dident work out for you. This is a pretty sweet make-up and they're a steal giving what it cost to import them from Europe. Someone buy these!!!
I completely agree on the Grant being awesome. IMO the Grant is the great mix of sleek-ness while not being overly dressy like say the plaza last. From what I witnessed in the MTO thread, most people are more familiar with the Barrie last and thus want to order Barrie lasted shoes as its hard figure out one's correct size on a specific last in the crazy world of Alden shoes. I feel that the Barrie preference by shoemakers it somewhat of a self-perpetuating cycle at this...
^ yeah it is his pic. Sadly he sold them but I'm sure whoever bought them was extremely pleased with them.MY DREAM BOOT!!!! FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!
+1 Great boots NOMAR.
The #8 shell longwing.Lagsun: You know how I feel about that boot. With the crappy weather we are currently having in Seattle I might need to break my pair out for tomorrow.
Just a heads up, the link in your sig still says they are a 10D. Someone buy these!!!
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