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+1 Great boots NOMAR.
The #8 shell longwing.Lagsun: You know how I feel about that boot. With the crappy weather we are currently having in Seattle I might need to break my pair out for tomorrow.
Just a heads up, the link in your sig still says they are a 10D. Someone buy these!!!
http://www.leathersoulhawaii.com/2010/12/20/alden-shoes-plaza-dress-chukka-lsw/They are sold out but you could ask Tom and Co about prospects of a restock.HorseHide: So true. Thanks for all the complements guys!
^ yep. Imo they were both pretty damn good deals from their respective sellers, so although I told myself that I was done for a while, I caved in. I'm glad I did, my GF not so much.
If I didn't already have a pair I would be all over these. A quality addition to any wardrobe. Great pictures and good luck with the sale. (They shouldn't last long)
^ Nice shoes but I like the socks more. This forum and its Buy/Sell sections are going to be the death of my bank account. My two latest additions... Cigar and Ravello Chukkas.
Can we please get this thread back on track???
^ love the boots Uncle!I completely agree with what you said. The direct sun light makes the marks look much worse but even if the boot looked like that all the time personally I like it, it gives the boot some extra character. Everyone who snagged a pair is pretty lucky.
If these were a half size smaller, I'd be starving myself for 2 weeks to re-coup the money I'd be spending on them. Great chukka's and good luck with you sale.
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