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Hey SF Im selling a few of my Aldens Check my Ebay feedback: 280+ transactions, All positive. http://myworld.ebay.com/trunks206 Item: Alden for J.Crew Color #8 Shell Cap Toe Boots Size: 10D on the Barrie last Condition: Worn Once. Price: $475 shipped SOLD!!!! (These are first quality from J.Crew, but for some reason they shipped in a regular J.Crew box) Item: Alden for J.Crew Tobacco Calf Longwings Size: 10D on the Barrie last Condition: Brand New Price:...
Yes the boots sorry about that.Very nice Sellran!
Heads up guys Leffot just got in a restock of Ravello Captoes in today. Hit up Steven if you want to lock a pair down.
I'm curious, what club are you training with? Regardless good luck and have fun.
On the topic of resoling, unless I'm off base wouldn't the simple explanation for not allowing custom orders be that if you got to choose the sole configurations you could remake special make-ups which are exclusive to a specific retailer? As followers of this thread you will know that often times the only thing that makes a shoe exclusive/ a special make up for a store is the sole. Ex. Natural Chromexcel Longwings: Leathersoul's make-up has a crepe sole, Epaulet has a...
That sucks NOMAR, but as other said I'm sure it will be an easy fix. I was too busy to add it yesterday but I snapped a pic of my Cigar Cukkas that I wore.
Fuck! Why I have no monies!?!?!? Barrie? or another last?
I swear to god if I see another pair of Blue Suede PTB on this site that are not my size, for a great price, again I'm going to flip out! beautiful shoes and GLWS!
I dont know if I should start a new thread(s) or not but I'll post this stuff in here first. Sorry for the late reply guys I had to retake pics and get the price ranges down. But as most of you know I am selling these for my GF. She is moving across country to D.C. for a law LLM program and she soon realized it wasn't practical to take ALL her clothing with her. I quickly pounced on the opportunity to try and get her to downsize (take notes cyc wid it ) as you often...
Cigar LWB today.
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