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Here are some pics of the pair I used to haveNow I miss them again.
If anyone has a 10.5D in the #8 Naval boot that doesn't work out/they are looking to sell PLEASE pm me!While thinking about how awesome the Naval boots are I realized that its quite surprising that no retailer has done a #8 Indy with antique edgetrim yet. Seems pretty crazy we havent seen one surface while every other Alden #8 model has been revamped with one, but the Indy boot.
I'm sorry that is so bad its actually funny. Normally I think people are a little OTT with the Alden nitpicking when they receive their new shoes but that is just plain awful
It was more in reference to the point about it wouldn't be as fun if everyone got what they wanted. I couldn't/cant understand how anyone could say that. I wish I could go back to when it was waaay easier to get what we wanted. No secret lists, no instagram hints, no pre orders which sell out in mins.IDK its rather frustrating from the outside looking in. As another member mentioned there is little point to people initially posting about this cool make-up but not posting...
100% disagree. Seems like you just like the hype and not the actual shoes.As you said the last is different Barrie vs Grant. But also the Leffot one has a punched cap toe design while TSM's offering has a plain captoe.
I believe Apple has a 14 days to return policy even if its used.
As am I.
You're asking in the Alden thread if you should get some AEs or Aldens? Surely you're only going to get one answer.
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