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Leffot snuff suede longwings are SOLD!
^ Thanks Jason. Hope you are enjoying your shoes. Leffot snuff suede longwings are SOLD!!!!
Welcome to the club Jason we are getting more members day by day.Sweet boots I love that Unionmade make-up with the commando soles. Enjoy them my man.Porter and RKD: Pure sex. USPS needs to hurry up!NAMOR: Well done man. Plaza last?
Pink suit is robocopped.
I decided that I cant keep babying these by waiting for only nice dry days to wear them. Cigar shell + commando soles = the perfect rain boot.
J.Crew boots are SOLD!!!!!
J.Crew boots SOLD!!!!!
J.Crew longwings are SOLD!!!
J.Crew Longwings are SOLD!
Hey SF Im selling a few of my Aldens Check my Ebay feedback: 280+ transactions, All positive. http://myworld.ebay.com/trunks206 Item: Alden for J.Crew Color #8 Shell Cap Toe Boots Size: 10D on the Barrie last Condition: Worn Once. Price: $475 shipped SOLD!!!! (These are first quality from J.Crew, but for some reason they shipped in a regular J.Crew box) Item: Alden for J.Crew Tobacco Calf Longwings Size: 10D on the Barrie last Condition: Brand New Price:...
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