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Hey SF, Selling a pair of brand new Rudy fit Epaulet trousers. Size 32 and brand new with tags. 135 shipped.
My new Whiskey wingtips....
SOLD and shipped out.
Hey SF, I'm selling two J.Crew gift cards which total $125 ($100 on one card and $25 on the other.) I can either ship them out or email/PM the numbers and pin codes. Both are yours for $105.
Damn I really want a pair of blue suede PTBs and wow those CXL captoe's are fucking awesome! Good job guys now my wanted list just got a bit longer.
SFer barabara knows who will (these were MTO though)
Here is a real life picture of the make up you are suggesting (different last however) courtesy of Tres Bein Shop.Came out during christmas time but are long gone now. Sweet looking makeup though.
Cigar longwings are indeed king. Lovely navy chukkas Alcibiades.
^ Sorry best of luck in your search. These are now SOLD. Thanks SF.
New Posts  All Forums: