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SOLD! Thanks SF!
Hey SF, I'm selling this great pair of Epaulet trousers. Walt fit, measurement are below. Its hard to get a picture of the color, they are "pine" but they look grey indoors and more green outside. Size 32 and they are brand new with tags, never worn. $135 shipped.
I bought these off another member over a year ago and never once wore them. My ass is too large, its never gonna fit in these. Size 32 MII 21cm. $145 shipped. SOLD! Update Measurements: Waist: 17.5 inches Front rise: 10 inches Rear rise: 14.5 inches Upper thigh: 11.5 inches Knee: 9 inches Leg opening: 8.5 inches Inseam: 37.5 inches
Drop to $500 shipped. Thats $200 off a pair of brand new whiskey shell Aldens.
Drop to $500 shipped! $200 off for a pair of new whiskey shell Aldens.
Awesome shoe, why are these still for sale? If they were a 10.5 they'd be long gone.
Thanks! And yes Tres Bein Shop (Sweden) made a #8 cap toe boot with antique edgetrim on the trubalance last (but all E width) during christmas time but they're long gone now.@violethour1951: Yeah those are the Leffot daytrippers. @david3558: Post pics! I want to see them with a little bit of wear on them. It'll help me stop staring at them and put them to use asap.
I picked up my birthday present from the post office yesterday....Leathersoul's ravello shortwings. As if people on this forum didnt already know, the Leathersoul crew are amazing. The salesman who helped me Lawrence Oki is a class act. I mentioned that these were my birthday present while ordering them and as if helping me secure a pair of this great make-up wasnt enough to make my birthday Mr. Okai sent me a card wishing me a happy birthday, a small bag of candy and...
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