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Sorry to gravedig but this is a great thread and it deserves to be bumped for those who missed out. Well done @jrd617
You always have fantastic items for sale, so thank god for my wallet you're a half size smaller than me in shoes and a size too small in clothes otherwise I'd be your best customer. Someone buy these shoes god damn it! It makes me sad there isnt a ".5" at the end ever time I see the listing.
Drop to $199.99!
Alden Natural Chromexcel Saddle Shoes 10.5 Barrie Last (The Shoe Mart makeup) $199 Shipped SOLD. http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_bal_saddle_flex_sole_natural_chrome_excel/pvc-ald-mxsdlp-99248_ald_m_bal_saddle_flex_sole.html Thanks for looking!
Splatter pair are now sold aswell! Thanks SF!
Thanks for all the great fit pics and info everyone! So it sounds like I would be a large in the new fit, but I was wondering what would I be in the old fit? For reference I'm 6.0 and 185 lbs. I ask this because a SFer is selling a nice maroon color version in the old fit which I like. Any help would be great appreciated!
OG painted are sold!
Up for sale are two pair of MMM GATs. Both are size 45, no box but shoe bag will be provided.OG Painted: $295 Shipped in US SOLD [[SPOILER]] FW13 Splatter: $315 Shipped in US SOLDThanks for looking!
If the indy's you are looking at are on Alden's neoprene cork-filled sole (the most common indy sole ), it would likely take a very long time before you need to get them resoled. Plus at that point you might as well send them in to Alden for restoration where they will not only resole them but also refinish the uppers. I think they raised the price to somewhere around 175 or so, but its a pretty good deal imo vs just a standard resole unless youre trying to get a different...
Well done guys!
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