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Oh its down kind of near pioneer square. Thanks! I'll have to check it out once they open.
Does anyone know the address? The AoC site just has a million pictures of them setting up a table but no store address. Seems silly to need to email about the location of your new store.
Sorry to gravedig but this is a great thread and it deserves to be bumped for those who missed out. Well done @jrd617
You always have fantastic items for sale, so thank god for my wallet you're a half size smaller than me in shoes and a size too small in clothes otherwise I'd be your best customer. Someone buy these shoes god damn it! It makes me sad there isnt a ".5" at the end ever time I see the listing.
Drop to $199.99!
Alden Natural Chromexcel Saddle Shoes 10.5 Barrie Last (The Shoe Mart makeup) $199 Shipped SOLD. http://www.theshoemart.com/alden-mens_bal_saddle_flex_sole_natural_chrome_excel/pvc-ald-mxsdlp-99248_ald_m_bal_saddle_flex_sole.html Thanks for looking!
Splatter pair are now sold aswell! Thanks SF!
Thanks for all the great fit pics and info everyone! So it sounds like I would be a large in the new fit, but I was wondering what would I be in the old fit? For reference I'm 6.0 and 185 lbs. I ask this because a SFer is selling a nice maroon color version in the old fit which I like. Any help would be great appreciated!
OG painted are sold!
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