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Thank You. Your shoes left my store today and should be in the air over the Atlantic Ocean tonight. Will be with you soon!
I only have the Burnham in UK 10.5E and I believe you should try a UK 10E. I have 2 pairs of Arran in Size 10E which will give you a feel of how the Burnham would fit. Is it the Burnham you would want? They are wonderful!
Strange because the KN14 is designed for slip-on shoes with a slightly tighter heel to prevent slipping. You should find that a lace shoe or boot such as Arran will hold your foot down in to the heel more anyway which ever last you have but I wouldn't like to guarantee this with you. It may be an idea for me to ship something out for you to try on if you don't mind paying for return shipping.
I can include a Loafer but I didn't want to build hope for early summer delivery here in the UK and you receive in late August when its getting bad again. What do you think?
Hello,This is a Size 8F which was a recent MTO. I was stunned by the beauty when I collected them from the factory.Regards,Nick.
April Shoe 2: Style: Grosvenor Material: Racing Green Calf Size: YOUR SIZE Last Shape: TG73 Classic Square Sole: Oak Bark Single Leather soles, Haf, Double Leather or Dainite Soles Medallion can be removed if required. Price is £650.00 Non EU / £780.00 for EU Trees if required... G&G Lasted Shoe Trees...£110.00 Non EU or £135.00 EU...OPTIONAL Shipping Cost: £40.00 Estimated Delivery: July / August
Due to an unexpected short trip to Europe I am late with my MTO's of the month for April...Sorry to those who have been asking and patiently waiting...Here goes! Bespoke-England 2013 "Made to Order Shoes of the Month": April The 2 MTO's this month which will have the usual MTO sur charge removed saving £135.00 Non EU and £160.00 for EU April Shoe 1: Due to Popular demand... Style: Arran Material: Espresso Calf Size: YOUR SIZE Last Shape: MH71 Soft Square Sole: Oak...
Globe-Trotter Cases including the 16" Slim Attache Safari.
Thank you. It's Vintage Cedar Calf and Cognac Alligator.
They will be stunning. When do you expect them?
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