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Thanks. I would rather send a pair or two if necessary to any worldwide destination for trial especially to styleforum members because I know that the shoes would be cared for much more than the average man walking off the street in to my store and trying on lots of pairs without any care for the shoes. Everyone here is so knowledgeable about high end shoes that you all have a great respect for their value and beauty. The post above about the guy in Harrods confirms this.
Thank You. Your shoes left my store today and should be in the air over the Atlantic Ocean tonight. Will be with you soon!
I only have the Burnham in UK 10.5E and I believe you should try a UK 10E. I have 2 pairs of Arran in Size 10E which will give you a feel of how the Burnham would fit. Is it the Burnham you would want? They are wonderful!
Strange because the KN14 is designed for slip-on shoes with a slightly tighter heel to prevent slipping. You should find that a lace shoe or boot such as Arran will hold your foot down in to the heel more anyway which ever last you have but I wouldn't like to guarantee this with you. It may be an idea for me to ship something out for you to try on if you don't mind paying for return shipping.
I can include a Loafer but I didn't want to build hope for early summer delivery here in the UK and you receive in late August when its getting bad again. What do you think?
Hello,This is a Size 8F which was a recent MTO. I was stunned by the beauty when I collected them from the factory.Regards,Nick.
April Shoe 2: Style: Grosvenor Material: Racing Green Calf Size: YOUR SIZE Last Shape: TG73 Classic Square Sole: Oak Bark Single Leather soles, Haf, Double Leather or Dainite Soles Medallion can be removed if required. Price is £650.00 Non EU / £780.00 for EU Trees if required... G&G Lasted Shoe Trees...£110.00 Non EU or £135.00 EU...OPTIONAL Shipping Cost: £40.00 Estimated Delivery: July / August
Due to an unexpected short trip to Europe I am late with my MTO's of the month for April...Sorry to those who have been asking and patiently waiting...Here goes! Bespoke-England 2013 "Made to Order Shoes of the Month": April The 2 MTO's this month which will have the usual MTO sur charge removed saving £135.00 Non EU and £160.00 for EU April Shoe 1: Due to Popular demand... Style: Arran Material: Espresso Calf Size: YOUR SIZE Last Shape: MH71 Soft Square Sole: Oak...
Globe-Trotter Cases including the 16" Slim Attache Safari.
Thank you. It's Vintage Cedar Calf and Cognac Alligator.
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